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Why Did Jesus Die?
Conditions For Membership In The Church
The Autonomy Of The Local Church
He Loved Me
What The Church Was Called
How Men Are Drawn To Christ
Jesus, Savior Of All
Misconceptions Of The Church Of Christ #1
Misconceptions Of The Church Of Christ #2
Misconceptions Of The Church Of Christ #3
Misconceptions Of The Church Of Christ #4
"My Sheep Hear My Voice"
Jesus' Prayer For Unity
God Has Set Up A Kingdom
Overseers Or Overlookers?
The Jesus That Failed
Two Bodies Belonging To Christ
Homosexual Privacy And Church Autonomy
An Appeal To You
Motives In Following Jesus
What Are You Looking For In A Church?
Will Only The Church Of Christ Go To Heaven?
Of How Many Churches Does Jesus Approve?
Jesus, No Greater Friend Or Foe
A Division Among The People
Superbowl On A Big Screen
Is One Denomination As Good As Another?
Churches "Update" Services
The Discipline Of The Church
Local Church Autonomy
"And Rose Up To Play"
The World's Need For Christ
Did Jesus Exist?
Good Churches Have Problems
Ten Ways To Kill A Congregation
Burning Rubber For God
Centralizing The Word Of God
Denominationalizing The Church #1
"The Secret Lives Of Jesus"
Four Traits That Make A Difference
Are You Getting Tired Of Your Congregation?
Am I Narrow-Minded?
Four Questions About Jesus
Ho-Hum Services
Raising Church Funds
Five Stages Of Commitment
"I Am The Good Shepherd"
Church-Funded Orphans' Homes
"Let Us Rise Up And Build"
The Kingdom
Jesus Died For You
Jesus Has Established His Kingdom
Are You Of Christ? #1
Are You Of Christ? #2
Can We Agree On This?
The Christ Of Compassion And Commands?
Did Jesus Condemn?
Did Jesus Intend To Start A Church?
Jesus Who Is Called Christ
Thy Kingdom Come?
Can You Read About The Church In The Bible?
Why We Believe In One Church
Why We Believe Jesus Is Christ
If Jesus Failed To Establish His Kingdom
Will Jesus Establish An Earthly Kingdom?
Jesus And His Critics
The Value Of The Church Of Christ
What Is The Church Of Christ?
Dead While Living
The Mission Of The Church
"The Word Was God"

What Shall I Do With Jesus?

"The Word Became Flesh"
Christ's Superiority #1
Christ's Superiority #2
Christ's Superiority #3
Christ's Superiority #4

Identifying The Lord's Church

The Mission Of The Church

Faces Surrounding Calvary

What Is The Church Of Christ?
"An Evil And Adulterous Generation"

The Deity Of Christ

Fast Facts About The Church
What Causes Institutionalism?
The "Called Out" Body
Making A Church Strong
"The Temple Of God"
"Receive Him Not"
How To Build A Strong Congregation
A Look At Local Autonomy
Do Little Numbers Mean Little Faith?
What Is The Church? #1
What Is The Church? #2
What Is The Church? #3
How To Increase Church Attendance
Does Jesus Care?
"Examining The Local Church"
What Is The Body Of Christ?
How Will You Use This Week?
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Indictments Of The Social Gospel
"I Go Just For Fun"
The Demands Of Our King
Is It Right To Portray Jesus As Gay?
The Value Of A Gospel Meeting
Follow Him
Living And Dying Churches
Subject To Christ
Jumping The Track On Authority
Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus
Jesus Who?
Denominationalizing The Church #2
The Parable Of The Church That Died
Conditions For Church Membership
I Stand Amazed
God And Baal
Whatever Happened To Hamble Hills?
The Vineyard Of The Lord
The Joy Of Giving
Is The Church Of Christ A Cult? #1
How Close A Friend Are You To Jesus?
Is The Church Of Christ A Cult? #2
Guidelines For Effective Teachers
Point The Way
The Household Of God
Important Facts About First-Time Guests
Noah's Ark And The Church
Christ Our Refuge
Would You Treat Your Guests Like This?
Five Ways To Stay Small
Where Do We Find New Converts?
The Temple Of God
The Lord's Church Vs. Denominations
Better To Know The Shepherd
What Paul Said About The Church #1
Where Would Jesus Place His Membership?
What Paul Said About The Church #2
What Paul Said About The Church #3
What Paul Said About The Church #4
The Jews' Religion
The Body Of Christ
The Accomplishments Of Jesus
What Paul Said About The Church
The Prince Of Peace
"Jesus Is My Savior, Not My Religion"
The Kingdom Of God
A Priest On His Throne
Christ On His Throne
What Simeon Saw
Greater Than The Angels #1
Greater Than The Angels #2
Church Growth: The New God
The "Seeker Friendly" Fad
Worthy To Open The Seals
Three Stages Of A Congregation
Adam And Jesus
The Household Of God
It Has Always Been Around
What Does Your Church Look Like?
The Word "Church"
Ten Commandments For A Happy Congregation
Texas Church Attracts Followers With Beer
Another Texas Church Uses Beer
What Constitutes A Strong Church
What Jesus Has Done For His People
The Church, Which Is His Body
Look Forward To The Lord's Day
The Beginning Of The Church
Youth Groups Driving Teens To Abandon Faith
The Fallacy Of Institutionalism
Ten Attributes Of A Great Teacher
Church Growth By The Gospel Or Gimmicks?
The Church Of Christ Is Different
How Churches Can Develop Their Young People
Leaving An Apostate Congregation
Looking For Teachers
The Work Of "Genuine" Elders
Jesus The Master
The Name Of Christ
What Are You Looking For In A Church?
The Benefits Of A Gospel Meeting
In Christ We Have
Satan's Subversion Of The Great Commission
What Am I Worth To The Local Congregation?
What Makes A Strong Congregation?
Are We Driving People Away?
Why Was Jesus Baptized?
A Man-Made Religion
Why I Appreciate Elders
The Kind Of Problems We Need
Our Thrill-Seeking Culture
First Century Church Problems
Christians Without Churches
When Church Is Boring
I Need My Congregation
Who Would Miss Us?
Some Points That May Surprise You
Are Bible Classes A Waste Of Time?
Eight Tough Questions
The Accomplishments Of Jesus
The Purposes Of The Church
One Hundred Truths About Jesus
Does Shepherding Sheep Mean …
How Jesus Viewed The Scriptures
Did Alexander Campbell Start The Church?
Sins That Bring Reproach
"I'm All Shook Up …"
Gospel Meetings Are Great Opportunities
How To Reach Others With The Gospel
The Suffering Servant
The Thespian Church
Leaders At Work
The Mission Of The Messiah
Sanctuary Churches
Where Will You Be?
What Do People Want?
King Tut And King Jesus
Hometown Hero?
Should We Be A "Full-Service" Church?
A Priest On His Throne
The Jesus That We Should Know
Praise To God
The Lord's House
The Strength Of The Congregation
What It Takes To Have A Good Meeting
Jesus, The Son Of God
Lessons From Psalm 110
How Do You See Jesus?
Alexander Campbell And The Church Of Christ
Why Should We Go Back To The Basics?
The Effects Of No Church Discipline
Why Do We Follow Christ?
Will Coffee And Bagels Improve Our Worship?
"A Complaint Arose"
Does Church Discipline Work?
Lessons From The Churches In Revelation: Ephesus
Lessons From The Churches In Revelation: Smyrna
Lessons From The Churches In Revelation: Pergamum
Lessons From The Churches In Revelation: Thyatira
Lessons From The Churches In Revelation: Sardis
Lessons From The Churches In Revelation: Philadelphia
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