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"Finally Brethren"
Drive Out
Divorce And Remarriage
Husbands, Love Your Wives
"And He Took Courage"
"Fight The Good Fight"
"As Ye Would That Men …"
"Enter Ye In By The Narrow Gate"
Love Is The Bond Of Perfectness
"Put To Death, Therefore …"
Is Gambling Sinful?
Comforting Words
Testing The Spirits
Do You Love The Lord?
Love Your Brother
"Ask, And It Shall Be Given You"
David's Prayer
Disappointment And Depression
Faithful Stewards
A Lamp And Light
Self Control
Homosexuality Is Still A Sin
Husband And Wife
Legality Does Not Equal Morality #1
Legality Does Not Equal Morality #2
Legality Does Not Equal Morality #3
Legality Does Not Equal Morality #4
Legality Does Not Equal Morality #5
The Cheapness Of Life
Bible Study
The Failure Of Others
Sin Will Condemn
"At My First Defense"
"A Dry Morsel"
Brotherly Kindness
Why All The Outrage?
The Error Of Aaron
Psalm 99
When In Sickness
"I Don't Know The Man"
Our Conscience And Convictions
Can We Pray For Our Government?
Truth Divides
Saint, Soldier, Servant
Responsibilities In A Gospel Meeting
The Foundation Of Faith
People Reflected In Nature
A Time For Prayer And Preaching
Only One
Dealing With A Sinning Brother
Growing Calloused To Evil
Adorning The Gospel
How We Learn
Dear Preacher …
Loyal To Christ
Thoughts On Doing Good
God's Purposes For Suffering
Which Is Easier?
Alcohol Use Rampant In The United States
"He Saw A Man"
Time, Time, Time
The Love Of God
Abstinence And A Better Life
Scripture Readings For The Lord's Table
Scripture Readings For The Contribution
What God Wants From Me
Maturity In Christ
To Judge Or Not To Judge
Self Righteousness
How To Live
Are You Doing Everything You Can?
Making Changes
A Strong Delusion
This World Is Not My Home
"Remember Lot's Wife"
Evidences Of Enthusiasm
Are You Living In Hope?
Rubber And Glue
"The Lamp Of The Body Is The Eye"
"Put On, Therefore …"
"Seek The Things Which Are Above"
Value In Prayer?
I Will Take Up My Cross If …
Bitter Words
A Good Disciple
"The Conviction Of Things Not Seen"
Fear God
Love As Brothers
"Preach The Word"
"I Have Kept The Faith"
Deterring Sin
Right And Wrong
Seek The Truth
"An Anchor Of The Soul"
"Do Not Think It Strange"
"Austin Powers" Too Lewd For Muslims
Idolatry: Alive And Well
Bearing The Cross
Blamess Yet Not Righteous
Have You Returned?
"Let Every Man …"
Love Thy Neighbor And Thy Enemy
It's March
Moral Relativity Vs. Moral Clarity
A Man, A Prophet, Lord
Thinking Of Men Above What Is Written
Flawed Standards
Test All Things
A Correction … And A Lesson
Paul The Agitator
"Thou Shall Not Forswear"
"The Fool Hath Said …"
War Is Dirty
Victory With The Lord
Lesson On The Wrong Phone Number
An Address To Complainers
Truth And Honesty
To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice
Of Cat Killings
The Message Or The Messenger?
Heeding My Critics
Lessons At The Temple
The "Fiery" Member
How To Be An Unfaithful Christian
For Sale
Little Words With Big Offenses
Current Attacks On Decency
The Sins Of Summer
Decision Time
Using Up The Ground
Victory Amid Tribulation
Genes Contribute To Religious Inclination?
Humanism: America's "State" Religion?
Why Are You Here?
Advice Worth Following
Prepared Parables
Angry Words
Look Forward To The Lord's Day
The Parable Of The Unforgiving Servant
The Parable Of The Sower
The Parable Of The Evil Tenants
Wise Investments
Characteristics Of Sin #1
Characteristics Of Sin #2
What You Will Not Do In Hell
Crucified Christians
Near To The Word

Joy In Christ

A Disgusting Hypocrisy
We Are All Boats
"Conduct Worthy Of The Gospel"
Must One Attend?
What The World Needs Now
What Is Your Potential?
Settle It
A Definition Of Faithfulness
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking
Some Danger Signals
What Is A Man To Do?
The Christian's Race
Active Listening
Three Mothers Who Failed
Three Fathers Who Failed
"Whence Comest Thou?"
Memorial Day
Striving With God
Reasons I Quit Attending
Evangelism That Counts
Your Summer Wardrobe
"Vessels Unto Honor"
Brownies With A Difference
You Preach First
Back To School!
The 9/11 Anniversary
The "I Haves" Of Psalm 119
Are You Planning "With" Jesus?
Marks Of Those Who Love The Lord
Isn't It Strange?
"I'll Be A Friend …"
Astute Admonitions
The Virginia Tech Shootings
Graduation And Beyond
Reverence For The Lord
Is Attendance Necessary?
If I Were The Devil
Which Is Most Important To You?
The Warnings Of The Rich Man
The Walks Of Paul
An Assembly Of Ghosts
The Sin Of Approval
Dear Older Members
Dear Younger Members
"The Church Is Full Of Hypocrites" #1
"The Church Is Full Of Hypocrites" #2
Show Me God!
How Is Your Influence?
Seven Warning Signs Of Cancer
The Chameleon Christian
The Danger Of False Accusation
Be A Beacon!
Mission Accomplished!
What Is It Worth To You?
Evidence Of Societal Decline
God's Junk Mail
The Right Place At The Right Time
Descriptions Of Who Christians Are
A Living Hope

The Names Of Christians

Walking By Faith
Who Would Have Thought?
"Put On … Kindness"
Word - Actions = Nothing
"I Have Never Known …"
"Forgiving One Another"
The Devil's Beatitudes
Living To A Higher Standard
Cliche It Up!
God's Purposes For Pain
"Your Reasonable Service"
The Humanity Of Idolatry
Thoughts On Marriage
The Iron Gate
Where Have All Our Heroes Gone?
What I Owe My Congregation
A Religion With Sight
The Christian Home
What I Could Do If I Wanted To
Deep Regrets
One Young Man's Mistake
You Want Me To Do What?
The Salvation Testified Of Beforehand
Blessed Or Not Blessed
The Secret Things Can Stay With God
The Thief
What The Devil Wants To Do
1,000 Marbles
A Loyal Heart
"Be Ye Holy"
One Solitary Life
Christ's Work And Our Work
22-Year-Old Auctions Off Virginity
Beyond Our Eyes
Conditions Of The Conscience
A Simple Answer
Human Nature
"You're Next!"
A Seventy Year Life
The Christian's Place In The World
Some Thoughts About Public Prayer
Dealing With Internal Conflict
The Storm At Sea
Our New President
Starting Over
Bringing Back Ethical Righteousness
Can You Improve God?
Abstinence-Only Sex Education In Danger?
Transformed Into The Image Of Christ
The Allure Of Temptation
At The End Of My Life
Dead Fish Go With The Flow
Judging Others
Spiritually Blind
Parent's Training Is Important Too!
Visible Virtues
Are We Loyal?
Should We Play The Lottery?
Rebuilding The Homeland
His Most Productive Crop
The Temporary And The Eternal
The Demands Of Our King
A Discussion Of Time
Dangers And Distractions Of Summer
Flesh In The Wilderness
Have You Glorifed God Today?
Spiritual Correctness
Looking Before We Leap
The Devil's Advocates
Leaving It Behind
Giving Honor To One Another
Walking As He Walked
"Think On These Things"
Are You Depriving Yourself?
Bookmark and Share
Are You A Worrywart?
Forwarding Error
What Is Your Life?
The Salt Of The Earth
Use This Verse!
Aquila And Priscilla
Be Ye Children
"Mayonnaise Jar Interest"
Isn't It Funny?
The Character Of Joseph
"I Am The Resurrection"
The Need To Be Loved
Saving The World Begins At Home
Earlier Is Not Always Better
Lessons From A High School Manual
What Would They Say?
Try These Excuses
The Sin That Besets Us
Are You Among The "Common" People?
Only 10% Of Americans Are Optimistic
Foundational Facts About The Family
The Seed
Going To Hell With Hypocrites
Why Did You Become A Christian?
By Your Facebook You Will Be Known
Shopping For A Cross
"I'd Finish The Game"
"Let Us Pr … Play"
"My Cup Runneth Over"
It's What You Do, Not When You Do It!
Are You Weighed Down?
Spiritual Markers
Athletes Gone Broke
"That Worthy Name"
Callused To Righteousness
The Work Of True Religion
Christian Love
How Shall The Young Secure Their Hearts?
A "Painted" Christian
"Pastoral" Visiting
Why I Still Wear A Tie To Church
The Shame Of Entropy
How Gullible Are We?
Parting Thoughts
"Happiness Preacher" Commits Suicide
What Kind Are You?
One Of These Days It's Gonna Melt
Press On
Three Wise Men
A Gracious Man
The Benefits Of Visiting The Sick
Stand Against Immorality!
The Fervent Spirit
The Virtue Of Self-Control
Blame It On Your Childhood!
Who Are They Kidding?
Misplaced Trust
The Danger Of Getting Distracted
"God Has His Reasons"
Permissive Parents
Some Good News
The Nuclear Family In Meltdown
Is He Really "Winning"?
Ten Rules For Bringing Down Children
Marks Of A Hypocrite
Ten Rules For Bringing Up Children
Where Did We Fail?
Facebook: Faith Or Folly?
What Is The Biggest Contribution?
What Would Jesus Have Done?
Your Child Was Seen Playing Fornication
Dealing With Discouragement
Is Time Running Out For America?
The Causes Of Discouragement
To My Child: What I Can And Cannot Do
Overcoming Discouragement
Is Marriage Dying?
The Gift Of Encouragement
Can You Convert Them After Marriage?
When You Are Not At Services
Do Your Eyes Offend Thee?
Loving Your Neighbor
Redeeming The Time
The Devil's Devices
Some Barriers Are Entrances
Resolving Problems Between Brethren
Read Between The Lines!
Don't Be A Backslider
Are You Lacking?
Do We Deserve It?
Facebook Is Not The Problem
The Value Of Sex Education
Why Job?
How To Really Get Closer To Jesus
Too Busy For God!
A Badge Of Pride?
The Overflow
Hold On To The Lord
Strength For The Asking
Ten Rules To Promote Harmony
Who Will You Imitate?
Before A Watching World
Must Everything Be Fun?
Does This Make You "Glee"ful?
Sunday And Wednesday Evenings
Death From The Inside
Remember The Lesson This Morning?
A Good Friend
What's In Your Wallet?
Three Great Gift Ideas
Can You Tell The Difference?
A Whitewashed Tomb
Respect For The Elderly
The 23rd Channel
Beatitudes Of The Housewife
The Cross And Crown
How Am I To Be Around?
Two Disciples
Have You Traveled That Path?
Just As A Reminder
How Is Your Worship?
Dressing Our Daughters Like Prostitutes
No Looking Back
Oh Boy, It's Allowed!
Instructive Grace
The Citizens Of The Kingdom
Concerning The Things That Are Past
A Journey Back To Egypt
The Voice Of One
Three Bad Goals
Three Ways God Cares For Us
Three Alternative Goals
Relationship Warnings
Reasons For Praising God
If You Could Say Something …
The Running Of The Race
Put Away Malice
A More Excellent Way
The Dangers Of Summer
A Good Man
Caught Up Into Heaven
Marriage In America
As School Begins
The Breath Of Life
The Psychology Of Nakedness
Thoughts For The Family
Vain Worship
Jezreel, Lo-Ruhamah, And Lo-Ammi
Doing Our Part In The Lord's Church
Brainwashed Christians
Judging With Righteous Judgment
Does Jesus Care?
The Noble Bereans
Be Ye Separate Says The Lord
"Not In Word, But In Power"
A Shining Example
Taking Responsibility
Faithful Unto Completion
Every Rose Has A Thorn Or Two
Prayer Is A Time Of Penitence
The Race For Eternal Life
Let's Make Some Lists
Nahum's Uniqueness
Three Forgotten Faces
Dealing With Discouragement
Coddling Christians
Waiting At Jerusalem
By The Word Of God
Hypocrisy And Hogs
Precious Moments
Joy, Joy, Joy!
The First Sermon
The Highlight Reels
A Tale Of Two Fathers
How To Make A Big Difference
For 30 Pieces Of Silver
It Is Not Going Away
The Bible
Lukewarm And Lost
Encouraging Kids To Leave The Church
Can You Be A Barnabas?
Back To School Time
"Submission" Is A Dirty Word
Six Questions For Young People
What Can The Righteous Do?
Milk And Meat
An Abundant Supply
Fear Has Its Place
A Father's Prayer
I Shall Not Pass This Way Again
Give Me The Simple Life!
To You Who Bring Small Children
The Royal Appearance Of God's Children
"The Lord Is My Shepherd"
Two Important Lists
Recipe For A Happy New Year
God Has Rights, Too!
Ox Pusher Or Ditch Filler?
Clean Out The Attic
Lessons From A National Disgrace
What Miley Cyrus Personifies
"Everything Happens For A Reason"
Tough Love
Evidences Of Enthusiasm
Five Crowns Worth Earning
Do You Love The Lord?
How To Have A Happy Life -- Financially
"I Am A Companion"
What Is Happening To Our Youth?
The Ten Best-Dressed Women
Suicide Rates Rise
Dupable Parents
Warnings From Hosea
Parental Strife And Divorce
What Am I Worth To The Lord?
A Brother In Christ Is Executed
The Treasure Hunt
How To Motivate Your Child To Use Pornography
Nathan The Prophet
Simon, Satan, And The Savior
Terminally Ill Woman Takes Her Life
Would You Be Embarrassed?
God At Work
My Brother, My Hero
When A Young Person Grows Old
Before You Cheat
Individual Suffering
50 Shades Of Wrong
How To Raise A Pagan Kid
Peer Pressure
The Positive Side Of Discipline
Why Do People Procrastinate?
Faith And Friends
A Diamond In The Rough
How To Raise A Heartache
Prayer And Praise In The Inner Prison
Dupable Parents
Be A Barnabas!
A Long Lake
The King's Wives
Why Is There Death?
Remembering Our Creator In Our College Days
Are You Ready For Your "Exodus"?
Feeding Your Faith
Ashley Madison's World
God's Family
A Few Things
Going For The Gold
What Is Prayer?
Modest Apparel
The Elements Of Prayer
The Assumptions Of Prayer
The Deceitfulness Of Sin
What Prayer Cannot Do
The Power Of Prayer
Go The Distance
Taking A Stand
Who Can You Blame If You Are Lost?
Three Things That Caused Felix To Tremble
They Will Do It Every Time
My Words
How Suffering Helps Us
How Long Has It Been?
The Worthy Woman
Samuel's Address To Israel
Lord, Be Glorified
How Is Your Foundation?
Another "Hall Of Faith"
Will Your Family Float?
Rules For A Righteous Day
Shutting Doors
A Time For Renewal
The Charge Of Self-Righteousness
The Little Hut
Why Did John Die?
The Old Mule
"Suffer The Litlte Children"
The Way Of No Return
Lessons From A Godly Seamstress
Why Do You Talk Like That?
The Cost Of Being a Christian
The Power Of The Implanted Word
Amazing Grace!
Why The Question?
"For Better Or For Worse"
Comfort In Hardship #1
36,000 Scripture Quotations
Comfort In Hardship #2
Injustice In The World
The Novelty Of The New
David And His Troubles
A Great King
The Thrill Of Victory
The Patience Of Job
Nehemiah Cared
What Paul Wanted The Ephesians To See
Care For The Troubled Heart
Twelve Rules For Life
"Locker Room Talk"
Worms And Snakes
Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart
Resume Of A Christian
The "Hidden" Parts Of The Body
How Parents Push Their Children Away
O To Be Like Thee!
People To Follow In The New Year
This Could Never Happen!
This Mind In You
The Love Of Money
Biblical New Year's Resolutions
Where Is Your Emphasis?
In What Do You Glory?
Knowing God
5 Reasons I Didn't Rebel As A Teenager
My Servant Caleb
Valentine's Day
An Old Soldier Speaks
What God Sees On Facebook At Prom
The Queen Of Sheba
Five Privileges Of Being A Family
How Would You Define Faithful?
Excuses For Sin
"I Pray …"
Why You Need To Fail
Does God Want You To Feel Miserable?
A Mind To Work
"Walk Before Me"
Fairest Lord Jesus
Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
The Procrastinating Servant
Death Is Not The End Of The Story
Peculiar People #1
Peculiar People #2
Just As I Am
The World's Best
What Would It Take To Get You To Come Back?
"Good Tidings Of Your Faith And Charity"
"Glory In Their Shame"
More Like You
Lessons From A Crippled Dog
What Is Important To Me
A Real Life "Survivor"
Preparing For Worship
Is There Not A Cause?
Walking Worthy
In His Time
Disappointments And Loss Of Faith
Life's Lessons From All Ages
True Loneliness
Hacking Agag To Pieces
Why Does God Allow Hurricanes?
"Super Christians"
An Invisible Enemy
What A Bikini Taught Me About Modesty
An Encouraging Word
More Than Once For More Than One Reason
Eight Wonderful Gifts That Don't Cost A Cent
Four Secrets Of Optimistic People
A Second Time
Attitudes That Sweeten Marriage
When Doubts Arise
Respect For God
Steady Against The Foe
Habits That Lead To Divorce
Satan's Greatest Invention
A Child's Ten Commandments To Parents
The Bitter Heart
Conduct Worthy Of The Gospel
Thoughts For The New Year
I Want To Be A Worker For The Lord?
The Importance Of Young People
Is Your Relationship In Trouble?
Twenty Psalms To Read When Life Is Miserable
Don't Lose Faith
The Lion's Lunch
Two Teenagers Struggle To Mature
Can We Talk About Your Porn Stash?
Issues With Prayer
We Can Change -- Just Have Patience
How To Be Unhappy
Doing The Best That We Can Do
How Important Are The Contents Of Your Heart?
If Jesus Came To Your House
Is Your Heart Full Of Love?
Who Packs Your Parachute?
Higher Ground
Godly Sorrow
A God-Centered Life
The Sin Of "In-Sliding"
The Acts Of Sin
What Am I Lacking?
The Door Is Closed To The Unforgiving Spirit
Gambling Addendum
A Truth That Each One Must Deal With
What Life As A Chrisitian Should Look Like
Duterte Calls God "Stupid"
Walking With God
Powerful Prayer
Coping With The Valleys
When I Sin
Paul, The Apostle
The Sin You Didn't See Coming
Who Is The Greatest In The Kingdom?
Confrontation vs. Grace
How Have You Been Living Your Life?
On Preachers, Depression, And Understanding
Struggling Just To Find My Peace
On Preachers Aging
Dealing With Loneliness
Bert And Ernie Are Gay
Understanding Prayer
Alfred Rothstein Shot To Death
The Stubborn Heart
Two Noteworthy Events
Reflecting On Thanksgiving
Do You Pray During The Worship Service?
It Is Not In Man To Direct His Steps
Does God Accept Your Worship?
Thinking About God
Help Enrich The Lives Of Others
I'm The One
What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do
Praying For Your Children -- From Head To Toe
3 Traits Of Kids Who Do Not Lose Their Faith
Giving Your Body What It Needs
Baiting The Hook
Man Needs A Blueprint
Two Ways To Keep Members Faithful
Are We Cain Or Abel?
The Roar Of The Lord
Facing Discouragement
When Men Speak Well Of You
Two Kings
Two Men, Two Outcomes
Rosie Ruiz Fakes Boston Marathon Win
We Are Soldiers Of Christ
Where Is God?
Where Is The Love?
Meeting Your Heroes
Growing Up
"It's A Brand New World"
Does God Lose Faith In Us?
Politics In The Pulpit
Bible Reading
Closed Eyes, Closed Ears
It Won't Be Very Long
Where Do We Get Our Strength?
Culture And The Christian
Why Am I Still Holding On?
Accountability For Sin
More Than Conquerors
Faith And Opportunities
Forming Values In The Home
Encourage Children To Be Spiritually Minded
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