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Has The Kingdom Come?
Did Jesus Inherit Sin?
The Pope 'N Hell
True Or False: Bible Baptism Is …
Book, Chapter And Verse
Female Preachers And False Teachers
Can We Understand The Bible Alike?
Does Your Preacher Teach Tithing?
The Truth About Tongues
"Handle Not, Not Taste, Nor Touch?
A Response To "The Truth About Tongues"
There Is One Baptism
There Is One Body
There Is One Faith
There Is One God
There Is One Lord
There Is One Spirit
The Rule Of The Peace Of Christ
"A Shadow Of Things To Come"
"The Lord Said Unto My Lord …"
Turmoil In The Episcopal Church
The Unity Of The Spirit
By Which Law Shall We Abide?
Is Hell Real?
Car And Motorcycle Giveaway At "Church"
What Is A Pastor?
Christmas Celebration Tomorrow
Noah's Salvation: By Faith Or By Sight?
Does It Matter What God Says?
Roman Catholic Errors
An Open Mind
Baptist Baptism: A Form Of Godliness
Created By God, Corrupted By Satan
God Is Real
"Note Them"
"I Don't Care What It Says"
"Frenchmen" Among Us
Are These The Last Days?
In Jesus Name
Sabbath Keeping #1
Sabbath Keeping #2
Sabbath Keeping #3
Sabbath Keeping #4
Sabbath Keeping #5
Sabbath Keeping #6
Are The Gospels In The Old Testament?
Does Your Preacher Contend For The Faith?
Does Your Preacher Lie To You?
Many Sincere People Will Lose Their Souls
Safety In Numbers?
Churches Or Individuals?
Upon The First Day Of The Week
"Heart-Felt Religion" -- Opposed To Truth
When Jesus Comes Again #1
When Jesus Comes Again #2
When Jesus Comes Again #3
Can You Find It In The Bible?
"The Bible Doesn't Say 'Not' To"
Preach Christ But Not The Church?
Get Christ Out Of Christmas
"I Don't See Any Harm In It"
Faithfulness Or Foolishness?
Complaints Concerning Condemnation #1
Complaints Concerning Condemnation #2
Debate On Inherited Sin
Should We Attack Error?
Perseverance Of The Saints
What's Wrong With Denominations?
Who Is A Saint?
Response To Louis Cable's Article
"It's Easier To Go To Heaven …"
Cedar Paneling In The Ark
Dear Alexander
Dear Paul
The Customer Is Always Right?
What About Women?
Come To Our Passover Feast!
Judas Hanged Himself … Go And Do Likewise
Moral And Doctrinal Compromise
Foolish And Slow Of Heart
Weak Preaching
Words Of Truth And Soberness
Truth Unites
Is It Wrong To Call Names?
Who Fits The "Whoever"?
Naming Groups Is Sin
Presbyterians On The Death Penalty
God In Creation And Revelation
Why Do Evil Men Rule?
The Blood-Thirsty Jews
Abortion: Right Or Wrong?
Religious Correctness
Theistic Evolution Is Error
Presbyterians On Abortion
Hacking Up Agag
"It Doesn't Say 'Not To'"
Are Psychics Real?
Fence Straddler Or Truth Stander?
What The "Oneness" Doctrine Does
The Consequences Of Compromise
"Let's Get Down To Brass Tacks"
The Last Verses Of Mark #1
The Last Verses Of Mark #2
Abstinence-Based Sex Education
God's Law For Marriage
Anointed Prince Or Crowned King #1
Anointed Prince Or Crowned King #2
Anointed Prince Or Crowned King #3
Anointed Prince Or Crowned King #4
Divorce And Remarriage
"And In The Evening"
"A Troubler Of Israel"
Gay Marriage In The Church Of Christ?
Have I Become Your Enemy?
Was Jesus Christ A Woman?
Do You Have An "Open" Bible?
The Speech Of Ashdod
Putting Christ Back Into Christmas?
The Book Of Daniel
Do You Contend For The Faith?
The Folly Of Idolatry #1
The Folly Of Idolatry #2
The Most Famous Winemaker?
Traditions Of Easter
Will The Lord Approve Of Many Churches?
Max Lucado On Baptism
The Resurrection
The Bible Is From God
The Death Penalty
Baptism: Sprinkling, Pouring Or Immersion?
Evil Exists
Love Or Legalism
Supersizing Religion
"Get Out!"
Standard Of Truth #1
Standard Of Truth #2
Standard Of Truth #3
"Do Not Refuse Him Who Speaks"
About Calling Names
I Feel It In My Heart
From Heaven Or From Men?
Error Is Offensive
Is Genesis Fiction?
Celebrating Easter Tomorrow?
Offensive Teaching Tomorrow?
Empty Promises Of Atheism
Infidel Believers
Are There Any False Teachers?
First Assembly Of Games
"If Anyone Suffer As A Baptist?"
"And He Called His Name Jesus"
"What Is Your Reading On It?" #1
"What Is Your Reading On It?" #2
"What Is Your Reading On It?" #3
"Isn't That Amazing?"
Legalized Murder
Should We Offer An Invitation?
Men Still Worship Molech
The Blood Of An Eternal Covenant
Religious Relativity Vs. Religious Clarity #1
Religious Relativity Vs. Religious Clarity #2
The Days Of Jonah
A Message To The Intolerant
"Evening And Morning"
When Will You Open Your Eyes?
Will Pedophiles Go To Heaven?
You're Too Harsh
High Court Sodomy
Written Exchange On Baptism
The Days Of Joshua 6
A Denominational Dilemma
Do Christians Go Directly To Heaven?
A Creator Of Dissension
Why We Believe That God Is"
No Book Written By Christ
A Matter Of Authority
The Righteousness Of God
Preaching Out Of Season
Are The Church And The Individual The Same?
Lesbians And The United Methodist Church
Reverends, Pastors And Bishops
Indianapolis Baptist Temple Seized
UPC, Preaching Another Jesus #1
UPC, Preaching Another Jesus #2
Receiving The Holy Spirit
United Way -- No Way
A Recommendation For "Subtle Signs"
Are You Your Own Father?
Political Correctness
Would This Man Be Your Preacher?
Calvin Answered
Review Of "When Sincerity Is Not Enough"
Review Of "God's Prophetic Word"
Review Of "Search For The Ancient Order"
Review Of "The Truth Factor"
The Divisive Gospel
The Godhead
The Gospel/Doctrine Distinction
The "Intelligent Design" Mandate
The First Century Church
Pope Defrocks Maryland Priest
The Battle Of Armageddon
The Icthus
Atheism In Decline Worldwide
The United Church Of Christ And Gay Marriage
Musical Instruments In The Psalms
Should We Oppose Evil?
Jewish Feasts And Festivals #1
Jewish Feasts And Festivals #2
Jewish Feasts And Festivals #3
I Wish …
The Ark That Noah Built
What Is Revelation About?
"By The Deeds Of The Law"
"Be Not Deceived"
Adam's Apple And Three Wise Men
"If They Shall Fall Away"
Acts 15

The Changing Denominations

The Use Of Tobacco
What Children Should Know
"In The Beginning Was The Word"
"The Sons Of Belial"
Is Our Bible Reliable? #1
Is Our Bible Reliable? #2
Is Our Bible Reliable? #3
What About Halloween?
Convert Or Die?
Should We Identify The False Teacher?
"The Sons Of The Prophets"
Is The Death Penalty Wrong?
Are You A Plant To Be Rooted Up?
Does The Social Gospel Really Work?
"Peripheral Issues"
The Creation Museum
Is Catholicism The One True Church?
The Bible From A Gay Perspective?
The Pope And Evolution
The Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit
Faith Healing Failures
Three Phases Of Digression
Defending Your Faith?
Can One Preach Christ Without His Church?
Is Jesus REALLY The Reason For The Season?
Episcopal Parishes Leave The Church
Russia's Depopulation Disaster
Instrumental Music In Churches Of Christ
"Be Not Deceived"
A Vision For The Future
Scriptural Fellowship
The Traditions Of Men
What Calvinism Does
Speak To Us What Is Right?
Thank God For Watchmen
Why May One Divorce?
Who Is A False Teacher?
Mormons Regret Massacre
Who Can Be Married?
The Ancient Landmarks
"Save Yourselves …"
Nickelodeon And Teen Pregnancy
Sins Against The Spirit
Women's Roles In The Church
"Lovest Thou Me?"
Scriptural Authority
"What Shall We Say?"
Make A Living, Not A Killing!
What Is Marriage?
Scriptural Fellowship
"Receive The Weak"
Is Doctrinal Unity Possible?
Congregational Autonomy
"If Thy Brother Trespass Against Thee …"
The Bible
Fulfilled Prophecy: Judah's Blessing
Speaking In Tongues
"… That Which Is Perfect …"
The Ancient Landmarks
Is Separation Required?
What Do I Call You?
Miraculous Gifts
Not A Denomination!
Will Israel Be Restored?
"Mark And Avoid"
Stampedes And Towers
"… Beareth Not The Sword In Vain …"
The Origin Of Instrumental Music
Married "In The Lord"
Denominationalism Is Against Nature
Denominationalism Is Against Unity
What Is "The Gideons International?"
Do We Inherit Sin?
How Many Persons In The Godhead? #1
Bible Classes And Women Teachers
How Many Persons In The Godhead? #2
Who Is The Antichrist?
A Note From A Minister Of Music
Who Are The "They"?
What Preachers Believe
Can We Drink Socially? #1
Can We Drink Socially? #2
Is The Church A Business?
Gay Couple Files For Divorce
"I Believe"
Obama More Popular Than Jesus?
To Save Life, Apparently We Have To Kill It
"Spirit-Baptized 'Christians'"
"Conversations With God"
"Pastor" Predicts Catastrophe
The Kingdom Of God
Are You A Pharisee?
Today's New International Version
Moses And The Israelites
"For By Grace Are Ye Saved …"
One Untaught Generation …
Truth And Application
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Baptism "In The Name Of Jesus"
The Uniqueness Of The Bible
What Is A Change Agent?
Tongue Speaking #1
Tongue Speaking #2
Ramadan And Christians
The "Great Communion"
Hand Waving In Worship
Gifts Vs. Talents
Weaknesses Of Evolution #1
The "Wine" Of The Bible
Weaknesses Of Evolution #2
Psychics And A Tough Economy

If Denominationalism Is Okay …

A Present Day Law Of Moses?
Eastern/New Age Beliefs On The Rise
"Kyle And His Religion From Satan"
Is This The Church Of Campbell?
Vatican Seeks Signs Of Alien Life
"But If The Unbeliever Depart …"
Why You Should Believe The Bible #1
Why You Should Believe The Bible #2
The Boldness Of Creation
What Is The "Five-Fold Ministry"?
Modern Religiosity
The Open-Ended Gospel
The Joys Of Muslim Women
Following Authority
Is God A Liberal?
The Law Code Of Hammurabi
Where Do The Gospels Belong?
Capital Punishment
God's Purpose And Modern Religion
The Pharisees And Legalism
"Filled With The Spirit"
12 Arguments Evolutionists Should Avoid
Will There Be A Bodily Resurrection?
Sorting Out Divorce And Remarriage
Christians In The Military
Total Inherited Depravity
The Spread Of Islam
Unconditional Election
Limited Atonement
Irresistible Grace
Perseverance Of The Saints
When Did The New Covenant Begin?
What Islam Wants
The Church IS The Kingdom #1
The Church IS The Kingdom #2
A Disgusting Hypocrisy
Does Instrumental Music Matter?
One Dimensional Preaching
The Existence Of God #1
The Existence Of God #2
The Existence Of God #3
What Should We Teach About Evidences?
Is Anything Really "Prehistoric"?
The Existence Of God #4
You Wanna Bet?
50 Million Blessings
It's Going To Be Prom Time Soon
Exorcism And Demon Possession #1
Exorcism And Demon Possession #2
"Psalms And Hymns And Spiritual Songs"
An Unprovable Assumption
The Assault On Creation
Are You Ready For The End?
In All Its Forms
The Basics Of Buddhism #1
The Basics Of Buddhism #2
Peddling The Gospel
Whose Fault Is It?
The Ancient Paths
The Gospels And Matthew 19:9
Ten Basics Every Creationist Should Know
Do You Believe Daniel's Prophecies?
Daniel And History
Dramas, Plays, And Skits
Daniel And The Messiah
Daniel And The Kingdom
The Perverted Gospel
Another Failed Prophecy
Are Denominations Agreeable To God?
The Tower Of Babel
For Convenience's Sake
"I Sent Him Therefore"
Criticizing The Five Step Plan
Valentine's Day
Surgeon: "Human Body Does Not Evolve"
"All Things"
The Divine Pattern
What Are You Giving Up For Lent?
"Break The Bands And Cast Away The Cords"
Not Afraid Of Controversy
Ashamed Of The Gospel
"The Bible You Ridicule"
Caleb Claims A Promise
When Controversy Comes
Watchdogs Or Hushpuppies?
Are You Extreme?
"In Season Or Out Of Season"
Have I Become Your Enemy?
Why Are New Concepts Developed?
Old Testament Chronology
The Deerfield Church Of Christ
The "Cowboy Church"
Dating Hezekiah's Reign
Jesus Had A Wife?
Water Baptism #1
Water Baptism #2
The Old Testament And Music
What Is Wrong With One Drink?
"Traditional" Authority
How Jesus Used The Scriptures
Does Paul Contradict James?
Judging With Righteous Judgment
Should I Attend A Dance?
Has "Religion" Gone Out Of Style?
The Matter Of Fellowship
Does "Hard" Preaching Pay?
A Silly Season
Just One Reason For Divorce?
Five Views Of Mark 16:16
Religious Controversy
"He That Committeth Sin"
Psalms, Hymns, And Spiritual Songs?
Church Sign Sparks Debate
It May Be Closer Than You Think
You Don't Have To Believe In God
Lying Wonders
The "Earnest" Of The Spirit
Homosexual Rights
Doomsday Preacher Dies
Sealed With The Spirit
The Indwelling Of The Spirit
How The Spirit Works In A Christian's Life
Millennials Consider Themselves Seekers?
Death Of A Snake Handler
In Defense Of God
Homosexuality Is Not Genetic
"Heartfelt" Religion
Religion: The New "Dirty Word"
How The Grand Canyon Makes Us Religious
The Spirits In Prison
When Tolerance Turns To Compromise
Implicitly Forbidden
Man's Most Dangerous Practice
The World's Most Falsifiable Religion
Jesus Hates Religion?
What Are The Branches?
The Question Of Mental Divorce
Austin Congregation Raises Toast To God
Is Hell Real?
Natural Disasters And The Second Coming
Caring And Mercy
"Crossing The Rubicon"
Nobody Is Getting Left Behind
Gods Of This World: Science
The Incredible Accuracy Of Luke
"I Myself Am Also A Man"
The Importance Of God's Word
Defending Your Faith?
"I Don't Do It, But …"
"I Don't Deny Your Experience …"
The Bible, Science, Skepticism, And Creation
Tampering With The Purpose Of God
Deifying The "Prophet"
Baptists Change Policy On Speaking In Tongues
Inconsistencies Of Atheism
The Shape Of The World, According To God
Can A Child Of God Fall From Grace?
"I Needed A Dad"
Do We Believe In The Old Testament?
Respecting Bible Authority
How Many Persons Are In The Godhead?
Dinosaurs And The Bible
A Difficult Commandment
Kings And Priests And Intoxicating Drinks
Why We Believe Hell Is Real And Eternal
Fighting A Dangerous Trend
The Great Exorcism Boom
What About All Those Mistakes?
Confronting Truth With Error
Faith And Works
We Need Doctrinal Teaching
Unapologetically Biased
How Do I Know God Exists?
Abundant Life Church Advertisement
God's Law On Marriage
God's Law On Divorce And Remarriage
Standing In The Truth
No Revelation -- No Restraint
Authority And Benevolence
Redefining Love And Hate
When Is A "Miracle" Really A Miracle?
What Is The Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit?
"They Listened To Him Until This Word"
Do Our Spirits Go To Be With The Lord?
Spina Absentia
Does Man Have Free Will?
An Open Letter From Nadab And Abihu
A Believer And An Atheist
Over Half Believe The Bible Is Inaccurate
Can We Understand The Bible Alike?
Subjective "Spirit Leading"
What Good Is Archaeology?
The Influence Of Eastern/New Age Beliefs
"Behemoth" And "Leviathan" #1
"Behemoth" And "Leviathan" #2
Common Knowledge And The Scriptures
24 Doctrines That Are Not In The Bible
The Opening Of "Heaven's Gate"
Taking A Stand
Supernatural Healing
The High Cost Of Generic Preaching
What Is An "Institutional" Church?
Science Increasingly Makes The Case For God
Silencing The Voice Of God
Truth Can't Compromise
"Speak The Same Thing"
Does Silence Authorize Opinion?
Cafeteria-Style Religion
Demons: Agents Of Satan
Modern-Day "Apostles"?
Feelings And The Holy Spirit
Handling Controversy
Is One Denomination As Good As Another?
Manchester And The Islamic State
The Imputation Of Christ's Righteousness
Calvinism #1
Calvinism #2
The "Sons Of God" And "Daughters Of Men"
Calvinism #3
A New Phobia
Are You A Plant To Be Rooted Up?
How Not To Convert Muslims To Christianity
Will You Swallow Anything?
Beyond Messianic Prophecies
"If-Then" Statements
ISIS And Tragedy
The Gentiles And The Law Of Conscience
Nadab And Abihu
The Doctrine Of Baptism
Moving Away From The Manger
Into Our Hands
Is It God's Will?
The "Fellowship" Hall
What About Instrumental Music? #1
What About Instrumental Music? #2
Does Everything Happen For A Reason?
Speaking In Tongues
What The Pope Said About Hell
"It's A God Thing"
My Fellowship
God Speaks Through The Bible
Can You See God?
The Evidence Of God
Must Adulterers Separate?
Seeking God And Seeking Truth
Is Book, Chapter, And Verse Preaching Outdated?
A Sexual Crisis For The Catholic Church
Religion In Decline
The Case Of Christopher Young
Sound Speech Or Sound Silence
Witchraft In The United States
Who Is The Holy Spirit?
What Does The Bible Say About "Pastors"?
Can Creation And Evolution Coexist?
Nuclear Destruction vs. Divine Destruction
Dating The Early Church
A Blasphemous Abuse Of Baptism
The Essentiality Of Baptism
God Has Spoken: Are You Listening?
In Six Days …
Life Found Under Antartic Ice
Different Degrees Of Punishment
Fasting Today
Are We Living In The Last Days?
Priests And Sexually Abused Nuns
Hell Is Making A Comeback!
Passing Over Easter
Grace And Faith Exemplified
Religious Confusion
In Scriptural Baptism …
Can A Child Of God Fall From Grace?
Speaking In Tongues
Did Jesus Exist?
It's A Romans 14 Issue
What About Capital Punishment?
What Is Sin?
Searching For The Impossible #1
Searching For The Impossible #2
Searching For The Impossible #3
The Councile Of Nicaea
The Salvation Army Does Not Save
Instruments In Worship
"A Good God Wouldn't Allow Suffering"
"Christians Are Hypocrites"
What About Karma?
"Science Refutes Too Much Of The Bible"
"I Don't Believe In Fairy Tales"
"There's Too Many Injustices In Christianity"
"I Had A Bad Experience At Church"
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