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God's Plan For Man
Does Faith Alone Save You?
The Purpose Of Baptism
"Born Again" Christians
Feelings Will Lead You Astray
The Peace Of God
Faith Means Work
Powerful Preaching #1
Powerful Preaching #2
Powerful Preaching #3
Powerful Preaching #4
Powerful Preaching #5
The Seed Is The Word
"For The Remission Of Sins"
Informal Discussion On Baptism
New Bible Article
Life And LIberty In The Lord
"Let Us Alone"
You Can Understand The Bible
Morality And Visions Will Not Save
Four Parts Of Ephesians 2:16
Can Muslims Be Saved?
Upside Down
What Does The Lord Require?
There Is One Baptism
There Is One Body
There Is One Faith
"If We Confess Our Sins"
Am I Going To Heaven?
Seven Ducks In A Muddy Puddle
Who May Be Baptized?
Salvation In Christ Alone
The Law Of Liberty
Essentials To Conversion: Hearing The Word
Essentials To Conversion: Faith
Essentials To Conversion: Repentance
Essentials To Conversion: Confession
Essentials To Conversion: Baptism
Your Value
Is He Serious?
Saved In Christ
"More Precious Than Gold"
You Must Hear To Believe
You Must Believe To Be Saved
You Must Repent Or Perish
You Must Confess To Be Saved
You Must Be Baptized To Be Saved
Blameless Yet Not Righteous
Isn't It About Time?
Where Does Baptism Fit In God's Plan?
What Disciples Believe About Baptism
"They Immediately Left Their Nets …"
The Thief On The Cross
Why Did Uzzah Have To Die?
Compromises Of The Plan Of Salvation
What Is Justification?
"The Terror Of The Lord"
Will You Give Or Receive A Gift?
"Behold, I Will Do A New Thing"
The Balm Of Gilead
Are You Married To Christ?
His One Mistake
Baptism Keeps Good Company
What Is True Religion?
Why Jesus Came #1
Why Jesus Came #2
Are You Ready To Be Free?
"All Flesh Is Grass"
Keep Going Back!
A Victorious Faith
A Look At Calvary
How Do You Draw Close To God?
Can You Understand The Bible?
Three Swimmers
Repentance Is Hard #1
Repentance Is Hard #2
The Serpent In The Wilderness
The Benefits Of Drawing Near To God
The Effects Of Drawing Near To God
How Does One Draw Near To God?
Rescue The Perishing
The 10% Principle
Three Crosses
"Come And See … Go And Tell"
The Beginning Of Fall
"Does God Want Me To Be Happy?"
Hardening The Heart
"Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen"
What Does It Mean To Believe In Jesus?
The Cross Of Christ

Can We Change Sin?

A Study Of Personal Evangelism

A God Of The Hills But Not Of The Valleys?
How Can A Man Understand?
"Whosoever Will …"
A Diamond In The Rough
The Image Of Jesus?
Major Earthquake In China
Shakin' In Yer Boots?
What Saves?
"Do You Think I'm Going To Hell?"
Careful Cutting
Hurricane Gustav Preparations
God Is Satisified
Modern Day Synagogues
Seeing The Light
"I'm All Right!"
Salt Creates Thirst!
Elements Of Proper Baptism
Pascal's Wager
"That's Just The Way I Am"
Persistence Pays Off
Isn't It Peculiar?
Dealing With Sin
More Americans Have No Religion
The Sprinkled Blood
Our Triumph In Christ
Is Your Baptism Valid?
Is Baptism "Spiritual Regeneration"?
A Way That Seems Right
What Does Heritage Mean To You?
"Change We Can Believe In"
"One Thing Thou Lackest"

The Golden Text Of The Bible

Saved "In The Twinkling Of An Eye"?
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"Infallible Proofs"
Are You A Christian?
Where Do New Converts Come From?
Alexander The Great
"Woman, Why Weepest Thou?"
What Those "Steps" Mean
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
"Blessed Is He …"
Operation Entebbe
John 3:16
Give Me The Truth!
Arrested For Preaching The Gospel
Is The Bible Relevant? #1
Is The Bible Relevant? #2
Those Terrible Blind Spots
Why You Should Be A Christian
The Steps Of Salvation
Giving Up
"Broken Cisterns"
Blinded By The God Of This Age
"I Will Do Unto Them After Their Way"
Reactions To The Word
Everyone Is Accountable
"Triumph In Christ"
Are You Sick?
The Process Of Redemption
Godly Sorrow
A Problem With Religion
Bill Buckner
Near The Kingdom
A Future Date To Repent?
The Urgency Of Personal Evangelism
Only A Nail
What Is Man?
The Most Valuable Discovery
The New Birth #1
The New Birth #2
Whatever Happened To The Bible?
Religion Headed For Extinction
Can We Talk?
Does Heaven Exist?
Who Will Be In Hell?
The Baptism Of Desire
What About The Thief On The Cross?
Pearl Harbor
The Marvelous Grace Of God
Why We Obey God
The Narrow And Broad Way
"Calling Upon The Name Of The Lord"
The "Clean Conscience" Of Baptism
The Living Dead
Ten Reasons To Reach Out To People
The Baptism Of Fire
Ignorance About Salvation: A Good Excuse?
The Gift-Giving Season
What Is Man?
Rahab The Harlot
Life, Death, And Judgment
The Baptism Of Fire
Are You "Retreating" From The Lord?
The Faith Of An Atheist
What Is Confession? #1
What Is Confession? #2
Looking For The Dead
A Waste Of Faith
Thinking About Faith
Missed Summit Attempt
What Christ Can Do For You
You Lost Me
What God Has Prepared
Fishers Of Men
"To Boldly Go"
The Marvels Of Mercy #1
The Marvels Of Mercy #2
The Marvels Of Mercy #3
Slaves Of Righteousness
The Marvels Of Mercy #4
Return To The Lord
Hating Organized Religion
"Nones" On The Rise
The Secret Of Successful Evangelism
Born Of Water And The Spirit
"Save Yourselves"
A Fixer Of Lost Souls
Saved And Kept
The Wells Of Salvation
What Is Justification?
A Strong Delusion
You Can Triumph In Christ
Will You Give Or Receive?
Buried With Christ
The Sower
Portrait Of A Prospect
"Flee From The Wrath To Come"
The Book Of Life
Ephesians 2:8-10
Why Did The Angel Appear To Cornelius?
Some Who Are Not Christians
Are We Looking For Questions Or Answers?
I Of __________
God's Plan For Man's Salvation
Why I Cannot Convert My Neighbor
Calling On The Name Of The Lord
No Greater Sin
The Arm Of The Lord
A New Birth
What Is Grace?
The Judgment Seat Of Christ
Nullifying That By Which We Are Saved
Obey The Gospel Now!
A New Heart And A New Spirit
All Roads Lead To Heaven?
A Little Change Never Hurts
Making The Blind To See
Preaching To The Next Generation
The Anatomy Of Sin
"We Shall Be Saved"
When Is Our Day Of Atonement?
"What Seek Ye?"
Every Man's Work
Bible Words
Truths About Calvary
A Religion With Sight
A Familiar Salvation
When Was Cornelius Saved?
Two Men View Strictness
What Are The Scriptures?
Understanding Salvation
The Reconciliation Of The Lord
Doors Of Opportunity
Spiritual Conversions
"Is The Seed Yet In The Barn?"
Consequences Of Unbelief
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