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Three Mothers Who Failed

What Legacy Will You Leave?

The Crucifixion

Be That Christian …

Hindrances To Church Growth

Spiritual Focus


Three Fathers Who Failed

The World's Greatest

"Taste And See That The Lord Is Good"

Christ's "Once For All" Work

Faithful Sayings

Young People And The Church

When The Devil Blesses You

"The Battle Is The Lord's"

Alive To God, Dead To Sin

What Sin Will Do

Will You Sink?

Speak Often To One Another

The Effects Of Preaching

The Promises To Abraham

Binding The Hands Of Jesus

"I Know That My Redeemer Liveth"

The Other Thief On The Cross

How To Know Your Church Is Changing

A Three-Front War

What We Gain From Giving

Why Study About The Church?


It's Great To Be A Christian

Religious Inconsistencies

Where Is God?

Who Can I Blame?

What God Has Given


Our Duty To Government

Murmurming And Complaining

The World Of The Occult

The Perfections Of God

"Let No Man Despise Thy Youth"

Why Not Billions Of Years?

Peter And The Gospel #1

Peter And The Gospel #2

The Essence Of False Religion

What Your Money Can't Buy

A Clean Church

How To Handle OurCulture

Lessons From A Bankrupt

A Worthy Goal

What God Does For His People

Lessons From The Jerusalem Church

Family Resemblances

Faith And The Five Senses

The Lost Christ

The Real And The Ideal

The Supreme Act Of Spiritual Service

Is The World Getting Better?

A Tale Of Two Sisters

Who Will You Serve?

Resolving Problems Between Brethren

Romans 6

God's All-Sufficient Church #1

God's All-Sufficient Church #2

Moral Issues: Adultery

A Few Good Men

"Beware Lest Thou Forget"

"You Are The Light Of The World"

Love In The Marital Relationship

The Biblical Heart

Why Have A Gospel Meeting?

A Post-Christian Generation

Four People Who Will Destroy Your Church

Four People Who Will Strengthen Your Church

"Never A Man Spake Like This Man"

The Role Of Hearing

Moral Issues: Dancing

Elements Of Proper Baptism

Too Far Gone-A Lesson Of Forgiveness

Moral Issues: Drinking

A Refuge In Times Of Trouble

The Establishment Of The Church

The Truth About Christ

Do You Want To Be Made Well?

The Course Of This World #1

The Course Of This World #2

A Time For Everything

Wayward Children

The Effects Of The Gospel


A "Great" Congregation

Moral Issues: Gambling

"Adorn The Doctrine Of God"

God's Cure For Loneliness

A Study Of Repentance

Seeing God's Providence

"I Never Thought"

"Every Where In Every Church"

"It Isn't Enough"

Battling Bitterness

The Life Of Moses

"Almost Persuaded"

Moral Issues: Homosexuality

What Must I Do To Be An Elder?

The Christian Kingdom

The Three Types Of Confession

Moral Issues: Immodest Apparel

The Rest That Remains

Lessons From Ecclesiastes

Five Purposes Of God's People

"Come And See"

Two Kings

The Power Of Attitude

A Review Of 1 Peter 3

Moral Issues: Innapropriate Language

"I Have Learned To Be Content"

The Holy Spirit In The Christian

The Restoration Movement Isn't Over

What Makes A Hero?

A Wandering Life

What God Says

Moral Issues: Pornography

The Evidence Of God

God's Description Of A Man #1

God's Description Of A Man #2

Walking On Water

Two Men: Peter And Judas

Why Do We Lose Our Children?

The Model Church

Some Who Are Not Christians

Where Elders Come From

Moral Issues: Suicide

Peace, Be Still

Attitudes And Habits Of Marriage

Greatest Moments For A Christian

Blessed To Be Here

Sick And Tired

Attitudes That Edify

Was Saul Saved On The Road To Damascus?

What We Learn From Lot's Wife

"Give Us A King"

Did You Make Your Bed?

Moral Issues: Tobacco And Substance Abuse

Looking To Jesus

The Mount Of God

What Is A Christian?

Saving Faith Versus Uselsss Faith

"Stand In The Gap"

New Year, New You

Don't Marry A "Nabal"

Our Greatness In Charst

The History Of The Universe

Voices That Call

Leave All The LIghts On

Breaking The Hold Of Temptation

Christ, The Anointed One

Why Do You Stand Looking?

Vain Worship

"And They Glorified God In Me"

Lessons From The Prayer Of Jesus

Proofs Of Baptism

When Men Cause God To Laugh

The Gospel Has Always Been For All

The Knock At The Door

"The Only Begotten"

It's In Your Hands

Holy Ground

A Study Of Jehovah's Witnesses #1

A Study Of Jehovah's Witnesses #2

Strengthening Your Marriage

The God Who Sees

Is The Bible Made Up?

The Beauty Of Prayer

The Need For Conviction

The Superiority Of Christ

Why Did John Die?

Marks Of A Real Christian

When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

How The Christian Is To Stand

Great Exhortations

Running The Race

Chariots Of Fire

The Blessings Found In Christ

Women In God's Kingdom

Why Churches Of Christ Are Different

What Children Want To Tell Their Parents

Are You Entangled?

An Overview Of Hebrews

Speaking In Tongues

Saved By The Blood

"Come Before Winter"

What Barnabas Saw

The Greatest Day

Qualities Of Good Leaders

Closed Eyes, Closed Ears

Our Struggle

"They Believed Not On Him"


The Bible Doesn't Say That

"Lord, Teach Us To Pray"


It Won't Be Very Long

Walking With God

Stop Rationalizing Your Sin

"The Sect Everywhere Spoken Against"

Warning Signs Of Marriage

What Worship Does

What Makes The Word Of God Powerful?

Philosophy vs. Scripture

Take God To School

Why Do We Stand In Grace?

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Are You Sure?

Why Do People Believe In Evolution?

"Then Cometh The Devil"

An Understanding Heart

What Am I Willing To Do To Be Saved?

Paradoxes Of Jesus

Three Defining Moments Of Christianity

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