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The Mystery Of Godliness
The Suffering Servant
What Paul Said About The Church
Voices From Calvary
The Joy Of Singing
The Practice Of Prayer
The Devotion To The Word
The Collection Of The Saints
The Partaking Of The Lord's Supper
Christ On The Cross
Viewpoints Of The Church #1
Viewpoints Of The Church #2
The Preeminent Christ #1
The Preeminent Christ #2
The Qualifications Of Elders
The Resurrection Of Christ
"The Pillar And Ground Of The Truth"
"With Gladness And Singleness Of Heart"
Will Only The Church Of Christ Be Saved?
The Church At Philippi
Behold The Pattern
The Work Of Evangelism
Identifying The Lord's Church
The Purposes Of The Church
How Satan Attacks The Church
The Throne Of David
How Will You Greet The Savior?
The Word Was God
The Word Became Flesh
The Four Greatest Events
The Sins That Crucified Christ #1
The Sins That Crucified Christ #2
Paradoxes Of The Cross
The Mission Of The Church
Lessons From The Grave
Church Cooperation
The Claims Of Jesus #1
The Claims Of Jesus #2
What It Means To Preach Jesus
Glorying In The Cross
A Plea For Christ
The Philosophy Of The Cross
Can The Church Provide Food?
What Kind Of Christ Would He Have Been?
"A Glorious Church"
What Are People Looking For?
The Misunderstood Christ
God And His Church
Have You Seen Jesus?
Understanding The Nature Of Christ #1
Understanding The Nature Of Christ #2
Certainties Of The Word Of Life
Is The Church Of Christ A Cult?
The Wives Of Elders And Deacons
The Titles Of Jesus
Isaiah Saw His Glory
What Draws Us To The Cross
What It Means To Be A Church Member
An Example Of Leadership
What The Local Church Should Be
What The Church Can Do For The Home
In What Do We Glory?
The Cities Of Refuge
The Establishment Of The Church
Where Is The Church Going?
Jesus The Preacher
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The Identity Of The Church
The Work Of The Church
Who Is Jesus Christ?
The Will Of Christ
The Greatness Of The Church
Worthy Goals For The Church
Meeting Jesus Face To Face
"Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory"
The Responsibilities Of Elders
Our Responsibilities To Elders
The Disadvantages Of Church Growth
The Advantages Of Church Growth
Why Some Meetings Succeed And Others Fail
What Christ Could Not Do
"Never Man Spake As This Man"
The Transfiguration
Ashamed Of The Gospel
The Amazing Jesus
Five Keys To Evangelism
The Work Of Edification
The Work Of Benevolence
Surprises About The Church Of Christ
The Purpose Of Gospel Meetings
My Responsibilities To My Congregation
The Church At Jerusalem
Rebuilding The Walls Of Jerusalem
The Songs Of The Servant #1
The Songs Of The Servant #2
The Death Of A Church
The Concept Of Substitution
What The Bible Teaches About Substitution
What Jesus Did For Us
"But We See Jesus"
Lord, Liar, Or Lunatic?
What Leadership Does
Bearing Fruit
The Church And Human Organizations
Where Are We Headed?
What Is Right With The Church?
Our Great High Priest
"It Is Finished"
The Great Disconnect
The Character Of A Leader
Why Do Churches Die?
Two Views Of The Church

Christ And The Old Testament

Is One Religion As Good As Another?
"What Do You Offer?"
Lessons At The Temple
Why The Early Church Grew
Why Some Leaders Excel
Errors Of The Cross
The Disorderly Life
Why The Church Of Christ Is Different
What Is Worship?
Are You A "Church Of Christ" Christian?
Four Lies Of Evangelism
Methods Of Growth
Mistakes Made In Teaching People
A Perfect Church
Three Simple Questions
We Have Found The Messiah
The Changing Church
"His Is Risen"
The Importance Of The Resurection
Why Christ?
Preaching Another Jesus
Joshua, An Example Of Leadership
The Excellence Of Jesus Christ
The Sufferings Of Christ
Keeping The Church Pure
What Makes A Great Congregation?
Identifying The Lord's Church #1
Identifying The Lord's Church #2
Problems Churches Must Solve
"A House Of …"
Attend The Church Of Whose Choice?
The Manifold Wisdom Of God
The Jesus That Peter Preached
Will The Lord Find Faith? #1
Will The Lord Find Faith? #2
Three Symbols
How To Have A Great Meeting
"Here Am I"
I'm Looking For A Church That's Not So …
Can We Be Undenominational?
What Makes The Loop 287 Church Different
Four Looks At The Lord's Supper
How To Build Up The Church
The Alpha And The Omega
"Behold The Man"
Seeking The Lost
Seeing The Value Of The Church
Hindrances To Church Growth
Christ's "Once For All" Work
Young People And The Church
Binding The Hands Of Jesus
How To Know Your Church Is Changing
What We Gain From Giving
Why Study About The Church?
A Clean Church
A Worthy Goal
Lessons From The Jerusalem Church
The Lost Christ
God's All-Sufficient Church #1
God's All-Sufficient Church #2
Why Have A Gospel Meeting?
Four People Who Will Destroy Your Church
Four People Who Will Strengthen Your Church
A "Great" Congregation
"Every Where In Every Church"
What Must I Do To Be An Elder?
"Come And See"
The Model Church
Where Elders Come From
Looking To Jesus
The Mount Of God
Lessons From The Prayer Of Jesus
"The Only Begotten"
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
Why Churches Of Christ Are Different
What Barnabas Saw
Qualities Of Good Leaders
"They Believed Not On Him"
"They Believed Not On Him"
Paradoxes Of Jesus
The Greatness Of The Church
What About Placing Membership?
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