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For the last several years we have been developing our own Vacation Bible School material, and have been very happy with the results. We would like to provide this material on our website for any congregation who wishes to use it. The lessons are in basic form, with many opportunities for development in the younger classes for hands-on learning. If you would like more information about ideas for hands-on learning that we have used in the past, please email us at We pray that it will help you in your congregation's pursuit of spiritual truth and edification.

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2008 VBS: "Meeting God On The Mountain"

2009 VBS: "Harvesting Spiritual Truths"

2010 VBS: "I Have Decided To Follow Jesus"

2011 VBS: "How Shall The Young Secure?"

Noah And Peer Pressure
Abraham And Sacrifice
Moses And Mission
Elijah And Courage
Israel And Worship
Hear -- The People At Pentecost
Believe -- Cornelius
Repent -- The Philippian Jailer
Confess -- The Ethiopian Eunuch
Be Baptized -- Paul
Securing Our Hearts Through Forgiveness
The Parable Of The Talents
The Parable Of The Soils
The Parable Of The Unmerciful Servant
The Parable Of The Good Samaritan
The Parable Of The Prodigal Son
Securing Our Hearts Through Trust
Securing Our Hearts Through Purity
Securing Our Hearts Through Loyalty
Securing Our Hearts Through Submission
2008 VBS Announcement
2009 VBS Announcement
2010 VBS Announcement
2011 VBS Announcement

2012 VBS: "He Leadeth Me"

He Led Abraham To Canaan
2012 VBS Announcement
He Led Moses Through The Wilderness
He Led Daniel Through Hardship
He Led Paul To Damascus
He Leads Us Through The Bible

2013 VBS: "Fighting The Good Fight"

Truth Or Error: The Battle Begins
2013 VBS Announcement
Fighting For Truth: God Introduces Christ
Obeying The Truth: Becoming Citizens
Dwelling In Truth: The Breastplate And Shield
Contending For Truth: Wielding The Sword

2014 VBS: "Where Your Treasure Is"

Solomon's Choice Of Wisdom
2014 VBS Announcement
Ahab Desires Naboth's Vineyard
The Foolish Rich Farmer
Judas And 30 Pieces Of Silver
The Treasure Of The Kingdom Of Heaven

2015 VBS: "Fishers Of Men"

Be Fishers Of Men
2015 VBS Announcement
Prepare To Share
Fish With Power
Love The Fisher's Catch
Tell The World

2016 VBS: "Jesus, Name Above All Names"

2016 VBS Announcement
"Lamb Of God"
"Light Of The World"
"Man Of Sorrows"
"Prince Of Peace"
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