Why am I Still Holding On?

Life is full of times where letting go of the past is the only way to move forward. Christians understand this almost more than anybody as we’ve all had to make the decision to let go of our former lives, most times also having to let go of family and friends in order to follow […]

More Than Conquerers

If you were asked to pinpoint a chapter in the Bible that truly encourages you, what would it be? If I had to choose, I would recommend Romans 8. There is so much in this one chapter that can lift you up when you feel defeated. It’s been said numerous times, but only because of […]

Lessons From the Churches in Revelation: Sardis

What am I giving to God? The better question is how much of myself am I giving to God? Life is all about balance, and with matters of contentment, it’s the same principle. We read passages like Philippians 4:11 that talk about learning to be content in all things, but then we read other passages […]

Lessons From the Churches in Revelation: Philadelphia

Some of the most reassuring and beautiful verses in my opinion come from Romans 8. The entirety of the chapter describes the power that Christ has in our lives, as well as the security and assurances of being in fellowship with Him. Another example of this is found in Revelation 3:7-13, when Jesus addresses the […]