What Are You Looking For in a Church?

Because they have moved into a new community, or have awakened to the need for religion in their lives, or are unhappy with “their old church,” many people are “looking” for a “new church.” What are they looking for? What are you looking for? Some, following family and personal traditions, look for a church like […]

The Name of Christ

The scripture says, “And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, He shall be called a Nazarene” (Matthew 2:23). Jesus was called a Nazarene simply because he lived in Nazareth. We are called Texans because we live in Texas. Sometimes we are […]

The Work of “Genuine” Elders

It is a sad reality that we have so few “genuine elders” in the Lord’s work, but we need to recognize and commend those men who are serving in this capacity, and who are truly doing the work which the Lord has entrusted to them. It takes “genuine quality men” to accept and do this […]

“Lord, We Come Before Thee Now”

In a couple of hours, all the saints of the Loop 287 Church of Christ in Lufkin, Texas will assemble. We’ll do our best to honor God and pay respect to all that He’s done. The beautiful hymn, “Lord, We Come Before Thee Now,” perfectly expresses how strong that desire should be. True worship, extended […]

Looking for Teachers

There was once a deacon looking for Bible class teachers. Some of the adults said, “I do not want to leave the adult class.” However, the drug pusher said, “Not even the threat of jail will keep me from working with your children.” Some more adults said, “I am unsuited, untrained, and unable to work […]

Why Aren’t More Men Qualified to be Elders?

Concerning the work of elders (or bishops), the apostle Paul writes, “This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work” (1 Timothy 3:1, NKJV). According to the divine pattern revealed in Scripture, the elders in the local church are to serve in the important capacity […]

Who is a Christian?

With many people the answer is simple: a Christian is one who is honest, has good moral values, and who is compassionate toward those in need. Undeniably, these are qualities that a Christian must possess, but does that define who a Christian is? Take for instance an atheist who possesses the above qualities. Would he […]

Leaving an Apostate Congregation

Many of our brethren across the country are sore distressed by the state of affairs in churches of Christ today. To say that many churches are undergoing change is a gross understatement of the situation. Radical changes in thought toward the authority of the scriptures are allowing many churches of Christ to take very liberal […]

How Churches Can Develop Their Young People

Mark Chaves, a professor at Duke University, has written, “People in the pews are getting older.” In the 1970s, people who attended a church assembly frequently were on average three years older than the general population. In 2008, there was a five-year gap. We have reached a point where he writes that “the average churchgoing […]

The Church of Christ is Different

Quite often, when people observe that churches of Christ do not participate in interdenominational activities, they exclaim, “The church of Christ is just different.” Let us see how the Lord’s church differs from the segments of the religious world. The church is different from paganism — by its faith in one true God. Paganism hardly […]