The Mother Of Harlots

Revelation 17 Notes The Identification Of The Harlot Babylon (vss. 1-6) The Explanation Of The Mystery Of The Woman And The Beast (vss. 7-14) Further Identification Of The Harlot (vss. 15-18)

The Commercial Babylon

Revelation 18 Notes The Fall Of Babylon The Great (vss. 1-8) The Lament Over Babylon (vss. 9-19) The Voice Of Rejoicing And The Silence Of The Tomb (vss. 20-24)

The Binding Of Satan

Revelation 20 Notes The Thousand Years (vss. 1-10) The Final Judgment (vss. 11-15)

The New Jerusalem

Revelation 21 Notes The New Jerusalem Introduced (vss. 1-8) The Exterior Of The City (vss. 11-21) The Interior Of The City (vss. 22-27)

I Am Coming

Revelation 22 Notes The Life Of The City (vss. 1-5) The Divine Witness (vss. 6-21)

“Baptism For The Dead”

Introduction This study will ponder one of the most difficult verses in the New Testament. It lies in the middle of Paul’s discussion of the resurrection in 1 Corinthains 15. A careful examination of the context can help us to see the apostle’s intent. I. Possible Interpretations A. The following are several different ways that […]

The Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit

Introduction Some have wondered, “Is it really possible to commit a sin of which one cannot repent?” We know of the great themes of God’s mercy and forgiveness (1 Timothy 1:15). However, if one blasphemes the Holy Spirit, is that the one sin of which there is no repentance? This concern may be due, in […]

Things The Lord Hates

Introduction There is a popular belief in the religious community that God is some kind of big teddy bear; a grandfather figure that does not know the meaning of the word “hate.” The concept of a god who will destroy is not very pleasant, so people ignore the thought. They go to scriptures such as […]

Christ Our Passover

Introduction The Passover and the exodus from Israel are the most important events in the Old Testament. Likewise, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus are the most important events of the New Testament. But there is more to connect these events than just the fact that they are the most important events in their respective […]

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