Old Testament History Lesson #1

Genesis 1:1-Genesis 8:14 Outline I. The Creation Of The Heavens And The Earth (Genesis 1:1-2:3) A. The beginning of creation (1:1-2). B. The days of creation (1:3-2:3). II. The Account Of The Heavens And The Earth (Genesis 2:4-4:26) A. Adam and Eve in Eden (2:4-25). B. The fall into sin (3:1-24). C. The lineage of […]

Old Testament History Lesson #4

Genesis 37:1-Exodus 1:7 Outline I. The Account Of Jacob And Joseph (37:1-50:26) A. Joseph’s dream of supremacy (37:2-11). B. Joseph sold by his brothers (37:12-36). C. Judah and Tamar (38:1-30). D. Joseph’s rise to greatness in Egypt (39:1-41:57). E. Joseph reunited with his brothers (42:1-45:28).F. Transition to the Exodus (46:1-50:26). II. The Exodus From Egypt […]

The Prophets Lesson #36

Habakkuk Outline I. The Questions Of Habakkuk (1:1-2:20) A. The first question: Why does God allow wickedness to continue in Judah (1-4)?B. The first reply (1:5-11). C. The second question: Why will God use wicked people to punish Judah (1:12-2:1)?D. The second reply (2:2-20). II. The Praise Of Habakkuk (3:1-19) A. Habakkuk prays for God’s […]

The Prophets Lesson #51

Introduction To Haggai I. Structure Of Haggai A. The two short chapters of Haggai contain four important messages from the prophet to the people. He called on the people to rebuild the temple, to remain faithful to God’s promises, to be holy and enjoy God’s great provisions, and to keep their hope set on the […]

The Prophets Lesson #52

Haggai Outline I. The Completion Of The Latter Temple (1:1-15) A. The temple is not complete (1:1-6).B. The temple must be completed (1:7-15). II. The Glory Of The Latter Temple (2:1-9) A. The latter temple is not as glorious as the first (2:1-3).B. The latter temple will be more glorious than the first (2:4-9). III. […]

The Prophets Lesson #23

Introduction To Zephaniah I. Structure Of Zephaniah A. Zephaniah contains only three short chapters, but these chapters are filled with some of the most vivid pictures of God’s judgment to be found in the Bible. After a brief introduction of himself as God’s spokesman, the prophet launches immediately into a description of God’s approaching wrath. […]

The Prophets Lesson #24

Zephaniah Outline I. Judgment In The Day Of The Lord (1:1-3:8) A. The judgment on the whole earth (1:1-3).B. The judgment on the nation of Judah (1:4-2:3). C. The judgment on the nations surrounding Judah (2:4-15). D. The judgment on Jerusalem (3:1-7). E. The judgment on the whole earth (3:8). II. Salvation In The Day […]

The Prophets Lesson #53

Introduction To Zechariah I. Structure Of Zechariah A. The book of Zechariah is the longest and most obscure of all the minor prophets and is the most difficult of any of the Old Testament books to interpret. The book may be thought of as a sequel to Haggai. The temple was begun and constructed in […]

The Prophets Lesson #54

Zechariah Outline I. Visions And Messages Of Exhortation (1:1-6:15) A. The call to repentance (1:1-6).B. The visions of Zechariah (1:7-6:8). C. The crowning of Joshua (6:9-15). II. The Question Of Fasting (7:1-8:23) A. The fast days of Israel (7:1-7).B. What God required of their fathers (7:8-14).C. The restoration of Israel (8:1-23). III. The Two Burdens […]

The Prophets Lesson #55

Introduction To Malachi I. Structure Of Malachi A. The book of Malachi is a short prophetic book of the Old Testament written to rebuke the people of Israel for their shallow worship practices. Portions of Malachi were written in the format of a debate, unlike any other book of the Bible. God first makes a […]