Does the Social Gospel Really Work?

I suppose people can really get tricked into believing that the social gospel approach in a church really works. When one surveys the attendance garnered by all the free meals, hayrides, retreats, gymnasiums, counseling centers, daycares, birthday parties and anniversary parties, one would naturally conclude that the social gospel approach is the sure-fire method for […]

Are You Missing Bible Class?

Did you drift away from attending Bible classes when COVID came along? We’re all creatures of habit, good or bad. Form good habits and good things can happen — and vice versa (Galatians 6:7-9). Has it become a habit for you to come to worship on Sunday morning but leave when Bible study starts? Do […]

Are There More Books of the Bible?

The question of the authenticity of the Bible is challenged by the existence of other books that seem to have a flavor for Holy writ. There are the apocryphal books written during the years separated by the Old and New Testament. Some of the books include the books of Maccabees, Tobit, Judith, Susanna, and others. […]

“Sir, I Perceive That Thou Art a Prophet”

These words were those of a Samaritan woman whom Jesus engaged in conversation near Sychar, a city of Samaria. The woman was astonished at Jesus’ request for water because she was a woman and Jesus, a Jew, had spoken to her, a Samaritan. Jesus and His disciples were passing through Samaria, returning to Galilee after […]