5 Ways to Make a Happy Home

Most people want a happy home, but they don’t know how to do it. And that’s really sad because the answer isn’t really that difficult. What’s actually difficult is putting into practice the five things listed below.

  1. Make God a part of it. After all, He originated it and He deserves a place in it. Remind yourselves that He is there with you at all times. Let the thought of Him influence your treatment of each other and shape your family’s priorities.
  2. Love your mate — and say it! It’s reassuring to even the very best relationships to know there’s love in it. Learn to express your affection. Spend time together and keep your relationship strong.
  3. Listen to your children. I mean really listen. Sit down with them periodically and let them say what’s on their mind. All of us like to be heard occasionally. Let each child know they’re special.
  4. Plan at least one meal each day with the whole family. No streaming or phones. Give thanks to God, enjoy your meal, and talk with each other about your day. Smile and laugh together.
  5. Make every day count. Having everyone at home won’t last long, and it deserves the best treatment you can give it while it does last. Work to enjoy every day with your family while you’re together. Make memories you can treasure for a lifetime.

Paul Bailey

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