A Spiritual Self-Growth Test

Online publications frequently provide tests you can give yourself to see how you are doing in some area like your health, finances, marriage, etc. It’s meant to be a self-help analysis to point out where improvements are needed. Below is a short test to see how you’re growing spiritually. Answer the questions honestly.

  1. Can you work hard to teach someone the gospel and not see any results, then continue on to the another person with the same determination?
  2. Are you able to hear criticism about you or your family and not be bitter and defensive?
  3. Do you help others without expecting to be paid back?
  4. Can you see someone, with less ability than you, trying to serve the Lord without thinking of how much better you could do the same thing?
  5. Can you be hurt by something someone said and just keep it to yourself, so as to not hurt others?
  6. Can you listen to a Bible lesson from a dull speaker and still get some good from it?
  7. Do you forgive those who make mistakes repeatedly?
  8. Do you feel bad when someone else is chosen to do something that you could have done?
  9. Can you rejoice at another’s good events while you are struggling?
  10. Do you totally rely on God to sustain and strengthen you?
  11. Can you do a good deed that no one saw and not tell someone about it?
  12. Do you ever tell a person gossiping to stop?
  13. Are you able to teach another how to become a Christian?
  14. Do you see yourself as an integral (essential) part of the congregation?
  15. Can you stand on your own spiritually without help from others?
  16. Would you continue to faithfully serve God if all others quit?
  17. Do you give liberally of your earnings to the Lord?
  18. Do you attend all of the assemblies of the congregation possible?
  19. Do you read your Bible daily?
  20. Do you pray daily?
  21. Would you say you are zealous for good works?
  22. Can your word always be found true?
  23. Do you try to control your tongue?
  24. Do you try to control where you go and what you do, see, and hear?
  25. Do you try to control your thoughts?

Paul said, “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you? — unless indeed you are disqualified” (2 Corinthians 13:5). Testing, evaluating, examining, and inspecting your life is good. But it’s the best when you change as you need to.

Adapted from Whit Sasser