A Tale of Two Fathers

Although Abraham and Lot were righteous men (Romans 4:3-5; 2 Peter 2:6-8), the ways they conducted their lives and raised their families stood in stark contrast. Consider four questions that may help you raise a godly family.

First, where am I looking? Lot looked toward Sodom and chose the plain of the Jordan because of the quality of the land (Genesis 13:6-13). Abraham looked toward Canaan because that is where God told him to look (Genesis 13:14). Lot’s moment of covetousness in choosing the good land placed his family in a morally precarious situation.

Second, where am I living? Lot lived in the city of Sodom, in the middle of wickedness (Genesis 13:13; 19:1). Abraham was living in the land God had promised him (Genesis 13:15-18). Lot’s choice of where to reside later caused he and his family much grief. Even the basic decisions of where to live can have a dramatic impact on the spirituality of our children.

Third, where am I leading? When it was time to leave Sodom at God’s command, Lot could not appropriately lead his family (Genesis 19:14). His wife looked back in disobedience (Genesis 19:17, 26). Abraham was compliant when he was commanded to sacrifice his only son Isaac (Genesis 22:6-14).

Fourth, what is my legacy? Lot’s legacy was the partial loss of his family in the evacuation and two nations as a result of immorality (Genesis 19:32-34). Abraham’s legacy was a son who loved his father, and followed God (Genesis 25:5; 35:12).

What will our fathers at the Loop leave for their posterity? Succeeding generations need wonderful instruction that godly children will cherish and use to their eternal benefit. Let the examples of Abraham and Lot dwell within your soul and influence your thoughts as you make decisions for your family.

Kyle Campbell

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