A Truth That Each One Must Deal With

When we look at the matter honestly, we can see that everything comes down to one simple truth. The time comes when the reality we create for ourselves fades away. It is when this reality fades away that we’re confronted with this simple fact: we have no one but God who we can truly depend on, and because of our sin, we are cut off even from Him.

This is a truth that each one of us must deal with sooner or later. We may or may not deal wisely with it, but deal with it we must. God is waiting for us to do so. True faith has a chance to develop in our hearts when we confess how empty we are without God.

Unfortunately, most of us spend our lives leaning on props. As humans, we are created to desire and need relationships with other people. However, when the need arises, we often foolishly build our relationships on false principles that fade. Feeling the urge to “do” something, we will throw ourselves into a fury of daily activity. When driven to “acquire,” we will build up for ourselves a horde of assets and possessions. These three aspects of our lives — our relationships, activities, and possessions — become our props. And despite their undependability, they become the sum and substance of our lives.

After a while, if left alone, we can hardly see how much we’ve come to lean on these things as comfort. In leaning on these props, we are hiding from the truth, but as long as our props are in place, we don’t or rather won’t worry about our alienation. Regardless of the distractions, deep down, our hearts may be a lonely void, but we’re simply too busy to think about it very much.

But what do we do when all the props are taken away? What do we do when we stand alone, before our God, with every other choice stripped away from us except our choice concerning God Himself? Do we choose to turn even more selfishly inward, or do we desire God and turn to Him with a penitent heart? When the happiness has died down from the distractions; when the workday is over; when our kids finish with school; when we have built a large enough income that we will never have to worry — what will we do? The brutal honesty with these props is that we have forgotten our commitment to being a child of God.

The writer of Psalm 73:25-26 shows how we must be as it says, “Who have I in heaven but you? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” We need to remember that we are to cut ourselves off from everything worldly. Our relationships should only be founded in godly principles. The only question now is what will your decision be? Will it rededicate yourself or will you enjoy the props in your life that are temporary?

Oren Caskey

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