Angry Words

“Angry Words! O let them never from the tongue unbridled slip…Love is much too pure and holy, Friendship is too sacred far, for a moment’s reckless folly thus to desolate and mar” (Love One Another).

This song is sung often in our worship to the Lord. Even though it was written by men it holds several truths that we must be mindful of. Every idle word we speak will be remembered and we will be judged by them (Matt. 12:36-37). Every time we lower bridle from our mouths and every time we let our guard down will be remembered in judgment.

“But that just came out! I don’t know why I said that, I didn’t mean anything by it.” Nothing can come out of our mouths that has not been first in our hearts: “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matt. 12:34). It is the age old story of “trash in, trash out.” If we hang around people that use their speech in unchristian ways and in ways that the Lord would not approve than we are setting up ourselves. If we watch television shows that use foul language and use harsh words, than we will be a ticking bomb that will eventually explode into to a fountain of offensive language and profanities.

We must surround ourselves with positive influences and good Christians, in order to fill our hearts with good, wholesome speech. That way the abundance of our hearts will overflow with Christian speech and we will be found in Heaven in the Last Day.

Jeremy Ferguson