Are We Looking for Questions of Answers?

A lot of Christians have encountered Christians (particularly younger ones) who are experiencing a great deal of doubt. A disciple of Jesus, Thomas, had an issue of doubt. Jesus did not rebuke him. Instead, He gave him the opportunity to have his questions answered (John 20:24-29). This account opens up the reality that there is a difference between the one who is constantly seeking questions and the one who is seeking answers.

The following is not intended to be a list of hard rules with no exceptions, but they are fairly typical when you are faced with doubters:

  1. The question-seeker is never satisfied with any answers but continually sees unanswerable questions. The answer-seeker has questions too but is able to recognize genuine answers and is happy to find them.
  2. The question seekers follow up is, “Yeah, but what about …?” The answer seekers follow up is, “Now let me understand how to apply this.”
  3. The question-seeker mistakes a search for questions with a humble search for truth. The answer-seeker finds truth through the humble acceptance of legitimate answers.
  4. The question-seeker looks for clever ways to ask the questions so as to stump others. The answer-seeker looks for clarity, not to stump anyone, but to lead to solid conclusions.
  5. The question-seeker sees the questions as an end in themselves since no answers satisfy. The answer-seeker sees the questions as a means to find real answers.
  6. The question-seeker uses the lack of answers as an excuse to raise doubts. The answer-seeker uses the lack of answers as a way to keep seeking and finally trust in the One who does have the answers.
  7. The question-seeker uses unanswered questions to suspend judgment on God and Christ. The answer-seeker suspends judgment on an unanswered question, but can still trust God.

Questioning is not wrong. The Bereans did it and were commended (Acts 17:11). The gospel invites sincere investigation (Matthew 7:7). However, when all one wants to do is perpetuate doubt in their heart, they are not an answer-seeker. Sadly, an question seeker will never be satisfied. What will you be?

Adapted from Doy Moyer