Are We Loyal?

To be loyal to Christ is the Christian’s supreme quest in life. That loyalty is shown in our obedient response to His teaching. The Savior showed His respect for departed friends and loved ones (John 11:11-36). His demand on the man who lost his father was not disrespectful of the dead (Luke 9:59-50); it was a test of loyalty. Are we really trustworthy to Christ when we allow many things pertaining to this life to come before our duty to the Lord?

Are we loyal when we fail to attend services because friends came in to see us? Are we loyal when we fail to give liberally because we ran up too many bills buying items we did not need? Are we loyal when we do not invite people to study with us because we are afraid of making them uncomfortable? Are we loyal when we allow a headache or other minor discomforts to keep us from worship but not our job? Are we more loyal to Little League than to the Lord’s church? There are lots of other things that we would do well to consider!

Adapted from Dudley Ross Speakrs

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