Are You a Worrywart?

If you realized just what worry is, you would stop indulging in it immediately. Worry is the name give by the devil to one of his most effective weapons. The great antidote for worry is faith. Worry has a hard time living side by side with a person who has learned to put their trust in God.

The classic text on worry is Matthew 6:25-34, and in this text we find that worry is unnecessary, cruel, futile, and shows a lack of faith. Human reasoning produces doubt, doubt produces fear, and fear produces anxiety. Faith is the remedy for all of these heart disturbers.

Worry has never produced anything constructive. It has never earned a cent, nor has it ever helped a person solve a problem. If you can genuinely trust God and spend time in prayer (Philippians 4:6-7), then worry will go away.

Kyle Campbell

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