Are You “Essential” to Your Church?

Lufkin, like almost all places in the US, has issued a “stay at home” order for the citizens of the city and Angelina County. This means that all “non-essential” businesses must close but “essential” businesses and “essential” travel is still permitted (like going to the doctor and pharmacy). Lufkin explicitly defined what was “essential” and “non-essential” so its citizens wouldn’t be confused.

This got me to asking, “Am I ‘essential’ to my church?” The answer is yes! The appeal is often made for us to be a part of a congregation because of what we receive. But what about what we add to a church? What positive benefits do you provide the Loop 287 Church of Christ? Why are you essential?

  • You’re essential to worshiping God. The psalmists were virtually filled to overflowing with their desire and excitement to worship God (Psalm 5:7; 99:5; 138:2). This provides insight into the “spirit” part of John 4:24. Your genuine enthusiasm to assemble on Sunday with Christians makes your essential to the rest of us.
  • You’re essential to edifying believers. The one who intentionally misses, instead of encouraging other disciples in a church, discourages the spiritual family. Love for each other has a practical outcome, and wise words when we are together serve as goads to elevate and stimulate Christians to better service (Ecclesiastes 12:11).
  • You’re essential to the church functioning properly. Don’t rob the church of needed resources as it fulfills its work. The church is a team. If you’re not actively involved in the functioning unit that God ordained, you’re failing in your God-given responsibilities. When Paul came from Damascus to Jerusalem, he associated himself with the disciples (Acts 9:26). He knew his effectiveness as a Christian and an apostle depended on his involvement with a local congregation.

Don’t ever think that you’re not “essential” to your church. The part that you bestow to our group (or wherever your group is) pleases Christ and glorifies God. When we finally get to assemble together again, you’re going to fulfill your “essential” role.

Kyle Campbell