Are You Ready for Your “Exodus”?

Peter, in 2 Peter 1:15, uses the word “exodus” (in the original Greek) for “decease” (KJV). When Peter wrote his letter, he was not going to live much longer. Tradition says he died as a martyr in Rome under Nero, probably in A.D. 66 or 67 (1 Clement 5:1-6:1). This agrees with the statement Jesus made to him on the shore of the Sea of Galilee (John 21:18-19).

The use of “exodus” was very intriguing, for just as the children of Israel had an exodus from Egypt, one day, like Peter, we will have an exodus from this physical domain. Are you ready for your “exodus”? If you aren’t, you need to get ready by obeying the gospel.

You can be saved from your sins and be prepared for your “exodus” by repenting of your sins (Luke 13:3, 5; Acts 17:30), confession of Christ (Matthew 16:16; Romans 10:10), and baptism (Mark 16:16; 2 Peter 3:21). If you’ll then live faithfully (Colossians 1:23), you’ll be prepared.

Kyle Campbell

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