Can You Convert Them After Marriage?

The American Institute for Church Growth conducted a survey of 10,000 men and women in various religious denominations. One of the questions asked how many had married a mate from a different religious background. 62% of respondents reported marrying someone of a different “faith.” The survey then proceeded to ask that 62% about what happened later in their marriages. Here are the results:

• 49% — converted to their husband’s religion
• 40% — no change in religion by either husband or wife
• 8% — converted their husbands
• 3% — both changed to an entirely different religion

• 25% — converted to their wife’s religion
• 43% — no change in religion by either husband or wife
• 39% — converted their wives
• 3% — both changed to an entirely different religion

There are many potential lessons from these statistics, but one really stands out. It is obvious that those who marry a spouse — thinking that they can convert their mate later — are usually wrong. While women are more likely to change to their husband’s religion, it still happens less than half of the time.

We especially want to emphasize this point for our young people who are of “dating” age. Keep your eyes wide open. If the person you are considering for marriage is not interested in learning the truth and committing to Christ while you are dating, the chances are very high that they will not do so after you are married. Be careful about imagining that your case will be different.

The statistics don’t lie. Few choices you will ever make can rank in importance with your choice of a wife or husband. And, nothing can help to produce a successful marriage like a common faith in the Lord. Think!

Greg Gwin

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