Dangers and Distractions of Summer

We might as well face it: the dangers and distractions of summer are here to stay. It is futile to ignore them, hoping they will go away. The following are some of these ailments and liabilities that seem to bounce back every summer. I hope you won’t fall victim to them.

  1. Low temperature: July, August, and September frequently bring an astonishing temperature inversion. As the physical thermometer goes up, the spiritual thermometer goes down. This is sadly seen when God’s “holy nation” and “peculiar people” decide to dress just like the world.
  2. Sleeping sickness: The summer variety of this illness has nothing to do with the tsetse fly or tropical Africa. The symptoms include drowsiness and laziness. The brain and the backbone seem to be affected. This particular kind of sleeping sickness occurs mainly on Sunday morning.
  3. Sunday afternoon coma: The hot summer weather seems to aggravate this condition. It keeps a person from attending the Sunday evening worship service because of naps on the couch.
  4. Overcrowding: This problem mainly happens on Sundays and weekends — overcrowding on the golf courses, lakes, campgrounds, movie theaters, and highways. Overcrowding everywhere, except in the church parking lot and auditorium
  5. Midweek amnesia: Warm weather apparently brings on a higher incidence of “Wednesday night forgetfulness.” Church members cannot remember the time, place, and purpose of the midweek Bible study.

These are some of the dangers and distractions that hit many Christians during the summer months. The Christian has to be steadfast and strong: “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong” (1 Corinthians 16:13). Summer can be great because of vacations and family time, but don’t give in to the devil. Be on the alert and try to avoid these problems in your home this year. Your family and your God depend on you!

Kyle Campbell

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