Does God Want You to Feel Miserable?

This is a good question and is easy to answer. “Yes,” God wants you to feel miserable, but only in two instances. The first is when you know the will of God and are thinking, acting, or living outside of it. The second is similar to the first instance, when your conscience bothers you.

At all other times God wants you to be content and happy. If your misery is caused by one of the above two reasons no doctor, counselor, or professional can help you. The only relief is confession and repentance to God and maybe to others. If your misery is caused by anything else there are several things you can do.

  • Pray often and fervently.
  • Confide in some brethren and family members.
  • Seek appropriate professional help.
  • Follow good rules of nutrition and exercise.
  • Get the proper amount of rest.
  • Try to identify the problem or problems.
  • Seek a solution, and learn to accept that there may not be one.
  • When and if you find it, follow it.
  • Remember that life is more than things.
  • Remember that spiritual happiness and peace is of more value than physical happiness and peace.

Kyle Campbell

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