Evangelism That Counts

Visitors are very important to us at the Loop. Whether or not someone re- turns may depend upon the initial welcome they receive. A good first im- pression is essential. Let’s make every visitor feel welcome.

Recent studies indicate that the number one factor in the growth of congregations centers around the worship assembly. That is, our prospects are usually ones who decide to attend a worship service. Asked why people chose one church over another, the responses indicated the importance of the following:

  • Visitors feel warm and welcomed.
  • The preaching and teaching is Bible-based and practical.
  • The singing is inspiring and encouraging.
  • People have a genuine care for one another.

If we at the Loop can work on these four points, we will attract visitors and see them return. Growth is not that complicated. I believe that most all congregations have choices, and what they choose to do can contribute to growth or decline.

There are two great tasks that you can do to help us grow: 1) invite your friends to worship with you; and 2) demonstrate friendliness toward all those invited by all other members. It works!

Kyle Campbell

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