Faces Surrounding Calvary: The Foot of the Cross

Jesus, as He hung on the cruel tree, suffering pain for that which He had not committed, saw many people. The soldiers who had nailed Him to the cross, along with many other guards, were there. The chief priests and scribes, as well as a great following of people, shouted cruel words of blasphemy. As He looked down, there were some whom He saw that caused gladness in His heart.

It was customary for a prisoner to carry the cross on which he was to be nailed. Because of its great weight, Simon of Cyrene was compelled to bear the cross for Jesus (Luke 23:26). When Jesus asked that we bear our cross, we should realize that in the face of eternity, it is for but a moment that we might gain eternal life.

Luke writes, “And there followed him a great company of people, and of women, which also bewailed and lamented him” (23:27). Among this crowd were several women of Galilee. They were not disciples of great stature nor popularity. These were the quiet workers who had deep convictions and great courage.

The last two people we will discuss are John and Mary the mother of Jesus. She was witness to His first miracle performed in Cana, and no doubt many more to follow. John had been with Jesus from the beginning, and He fol- lowed Jesus to the cross and watched him die. Mary reminds us of the great cost paid for our sins. John’s example encourages us to come back. Jesus would be glad to see us near Him as well.

Kyle Campbell