Faithfulness in Two Covenants

One of the most diabolical works of Satan is that he gets us to rationalize our unfaithfulness. If I want to drop my allegiance to God, I may state that it, in some way, causes me too much pain in my life. If I want to drop my allegiance to my spouse, I may state that the relationship simply isn’t working for me. It’s an easy way to get out of living up to my commitments.

The sad part is that people who give up on Christ often have trouble in their marriages, even to the point of breaking up the relationship. And people who give up on their marriages will often walk away from Christ. Make your decisions carefully and realize how much your relationships depend on each other. While it’s not impossible to continue in either relationship once you’ve given the other one up, it’s very difficult at the least. The two are so closely tied together.

Kyle Campbell