Feelings and the Holy Spirit

Does the Holy Spirit produce feelings inside of us that guides us in some special way by giving us new information and the knowledge we are right?

If so, what passage teaches it? I have to tell you, I’m a bit concerned over how I hear some talking. I’ll paraphrase the types of statements I’ve heard over the years. “I just feel that the Holy Spirit has led me here.” “I just feel deep inside that God told me to do this.” “I just feel this is right, and it must be the Holy Spirit giving me this assurance.”

How exactly do you know this? Am I suggesting that God cannot do this? No, I’m not about to put God n a box. What I am suggesting is that when we claim such feelings to be produced by the Holy Spirit, we are making claims that cannot be substantiated by God’s revelation, which, by the way, is the product of the Holy Spirit. He won’t contradict Himself.

All that such claims will do is create confusion. How so? Have you talked with any of your Mormon friends lately? They know they are right because the Holy Spirit makes them feel it. Have you spoken with any of your Pentecostal friends? How does the Holy Spirit make them feel based on their claims? The list can go on, so please tell me, what is the difference? If we feel justified in claiming some special leading by the Spirit, and we base this upon special feelings that we have, then why can’t they do the same? Televangelists do it every week, making outrageous claims in the name of what the Holy Spirit led them to do and say. Have we reached a point where we are willing to grant this as viable, especially in the absence of any clear biblical teaching to that effect?

Am I saying that the Holy Spirit is irrelevant today? Of course not (see, for example, Romans 8:26-27). What I am saying is that when we make claims about what the Holy Spirit is doing without biblical support, or talk about how He is leading us through our feelings, we are claiming more than Scripture claims.

Feelings just aren’t that reliable, and we aren’t saved based on those feelings. Yes, feelings flow from salvation; I am not saying feelings are unimportant. But salvation is still grounded in God’s revelation. Peace that passes understanding only comes after we’ve turned all of our cares over to Him.

But He’s not giving us new information with our feelings. Feelings will trick us and betray us. Claiming special feelings as if God is giving us new info just does not comport with Scripture.

Think about it. Let’s be careful about what we are claiming on behalf of God. The devil has very clever ways of pulling the wool over our eyes, and feelings are always susceptible. Stay grounded in revealed truth.

Doy Moyer