God’s Junk Mail

American Family Publishers must buy scores of mailing lists to pump out its sweepstakes letters. With the lure of potential millions of dollars in the game, you also get to look over their magazine bargains and the chance to buy a few for your home or office waiting room if you so desire. One of those lists included the Bushnell Assembly of God, and the computer treated the last word of the first line as the name of the head of the household. So out went a sweepstakes notice addressed to God!

“God, we’ve been searching for you,” wrote American Family. The letter went on to inform Him that He was a finalist for the $11,000,000 top prize. One of the teaser lines spoke of the possibility that God might win the jackpot.

“What an incredible fortune there would be for God! … Could you imagine the looks you would get from your neighbors? But don’t just sit there, God.” Is that not ridiculous! God having to deal with junk mail as you and I do? Can you imagine the God having to put up with the whining, excuses, and
inefficiency of people? He has no time for petty things and bumbling people — or does He?

Was not the point of the incarnation to show that God was not distant, remote and disinterested in our plight? Did not Jesus have to deal with paying taxes, excuse-makers and bickering among His disciples? In retrospect, do you not think a few of your prayers might have been the equivalent of “junk mail” zipped off to God?

If God knows when a sparrow falls to the ground, we can believe that He is interested in everything going on in our lives. So do not hesitate to take today’s stress, decision or problem to God. “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

By the way, if you have lost His address, just begin, “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name …” (Matthew 6:9).

Kyle Campbell

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