“Happiness Preacher” Commits Suicide

A South Korean television personality known as the “happiness preacher” and her husband were recently found dead in a motel room in an apparent joint suicide. A note left by Choi Yoon Hee read, “I’ve felt something wrong with my body from two years ago. I have a hard time, suffering from lung and heart diseases.” Choi wrote about 20 books about happiness and hope and earned her nickname for inspiring people to live happily through her television programs.

It is ironically sad that the “happiness preacher” could not cope with the trials of life. It should always be a sobering reminder to us: Sadness and depression are among the devil’s tools to be used to pull us away from God. Manufacturing happiness is not possible on one’s own. True rejoicing comes from being justified by faith and serving God faithfully (Acts 8:39; Philippians 4:4).

Kyle Campbell

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