Hey Dad (and Mom Too)!

Not to alarm you, but your kids are more aware than you think. I use to believe when it comes to TV that most of it goes right over kids’ heads, but we still always tried to be careful. We didn’t allow bad language or bad scenes, but some of the subtler areas we sometimes overlooked.

But back when our kids were little, the subtleties were, of course, smaller. Bad attitudes, disrespect for parents, siblings, God, and evolutionary teaching eliminated some of the kids’ classics of the time.

But now, the subtleties are bigger and more targeted, trying to make things that are deviant and sinful look normal. As a parent, I’d be tempted to say about a well-liked show, “Oh, the kids probably won’t notice. It’s not the focus of the show or episode”.

But guess what? Kids notice.

Just the other night, our granddaughter Renley (6) told us about a show she likes. She said, “Guess what? The dad married a dad so the kid has two dads instead of a mom and dad. But Mom made us turn it off”.

I was flabbergasted — and angry. I felt the need to hurt something and wanted to track down the producer and punch him in the nose (I know, I know). How dare they try to foist their ungodliness on my granddaughter!

My granddaughter is as sharp as a tack and notices everything. But what troubles me even more are the kids who don’t notice it as being abnormal. Maybe they’re in greater danger because of slowly absorbing the skewed message.

That scares me, fellow watchdog dad — and it should get your hackles up and put a growl in your throat. Don’t blow it off or think it’s not a big deal because it is — and it’s creeping in everywhere!

The truth is, “they” are after our kids. They’re adding sinful content to innocent shows in order to normalize it and brainwash your children. I’m telling you Dad, you need to rise up, pick another show, or turn it off. Scrutinize everything your children watch. You’re the guard dog, and nothing gets past you! Don’t be a watchman that’s blind and ignorant, and a dumb dog that refuses to bark and loves to sleep (Isaiah 56:10)!

Adapted from Todd Wilson

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