How Do I Know God Exists?

When it comes right down to it, the question I’m going to pose to you today is the entire root of our belief system. So many people have questioned this and according to the last poll that was taken in 2014, 22.8% of the U.S. population is religiously unaffiliated, with atheists making up 3.1% and agnostics making up to 4% of the U.S. population. So, I want to ask how do I know that God truly exists? If we can’t even get that fact down, then there is no point even trying to have a biblical conversation because they will not take anything you say or what the Bible says as a fact.

First, even though they will not want to take Scripture for evidence, as Christians, we always should and doing so, I think of Psalm 19:1-6 and by using this text, it describes how features of the sky bear witness to their Maker; in doing, the song directs attention to divine speech that goes out to all humanity. The ode to the sun in vv. 4-6 follows from the opening, giving a specific way in which the voice of the heavens is revealed to all mankind; the thought of its scorching heat leads to the next section, the searching and pure law of the Lord which we will discuss at another time. Paul quotes v. 4 in Romans 10:18-19 to show that all the world has received some kind of message. He emphasizes that the Jews have heard the good news because the gospel has gone even to the ends of the world, i.e. to the Gentiles.

Second, let’s go back to Genesis 1. In this one chapter, the Bible opens with a majestic description of how God first created the heavens and the earth and then how He ordered the earth so that it may become our dwelling place. We see the beginning of everything that we know from the difference of night and day, vegetation, animals, the seas, the land, and then finally mankind. To say this “just happened” has no logical reason. There had to be a divine architect behind all of it. When you study the complexity of nature, of science, of how we as humans are made up — going back to the point I mentioned earlier, to try and say that it “just happened” doesn’t make any logical sense. As you study the human body, there is no more complicated living creation. Everything is just the way it should be for us to survive.

Finally, you’re going to have people make these statements, “I don’t believe God exists because there is so much cruelty in the world. If God truly existed, then why are there so many people hurting? Why are there so many kids abandoned? Sick people? If He truly existed, there would be no suffering in the world. I can’t understand how if there is a God, He allows all these things to happen.” The best way I know how to answer this is thinking of the following example. How many people are there in the world whose hair is way too long? Suggest this to the person that barbers do not exist because if they did exist, then there wouldn’t be people with such long hair. The answer would be the same as to why there is so much suffering and sin in the world. It is because people do not go to the one who will take care of the problem. If people went to God for their problems, He has given us every solution to every problem. The question is, what are you going to do? Make the decision today to not only believe in Him but follow His commandments.

Joseph Lachausse

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(March 17-20, 2024)

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