How to Make a Big Difference

Many people are frustrated by the drug use, theft, and violence in our culture. Others lament the high rates of divorce and suicide. Almost everyone talks about the rude behavior that has come to be the rule rather than the exception. “I wish I could do something to change all this,” comes the response. And the sentiment behind that reply is probably sincere. But it may assume that one needs to do something dramatic in order to make a perceptible difference.

You can make a big difference by paying attention to minor points such as making few promises, but keeping all the ones you make; living within your means, and paying your bills on time; doing more than your share on any project; being grateful for your job, and smiling while you are doing it; being faithful to your spouse, and saying only good about them; knowing what is going on in the lives of your children; being especially kind to anyone who appears sad or angry; using words like “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me” often; giving people the benefit of the doubt as long as possible; being generous with praise and stingy with criticism; and, doing as many good deeds as you can anonymously.

Your character is the total of all the little habits you practice in life’s daily routine. The person who has the potential for being a hero in some public crisis is the one who has disciplined his or her life in a 1,000 minor challenges. To make a big difference in your world, just be sure to do the little things well.

Kyle Campbell

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