I’m Just Me

  1. I’m not someone else. So don’t compare me to someone else.
  2. Don’t hold it against me that I’m not someone else.
  3. God didn’t want me to be someone else so He made me different.
  4. I’m not better than you, nor am I worse than you. I’m just me.
  5. I think I’m better than I use to be but not yet as good as I’m going to be.
  6. I can be patient with you if you’ll be patient with me.
  7. I believe you have great potential even though you’re not perfect.
  8. I expect you to believe in my potential for good even though I’m not perfect.
  9. I won’t compare and contrast you with someone else if you won’t compare and contrast me with someone else.
  10. 10.I believe God made you in God’s image and didn’t make junk. I expect you to realize that I’m not junk to God either.
  11. 11.I’m just another human being, but all human beings are made to be loved. Therefore, we can’t love God and hate each other.
  12. 12.If we treat people with contempt or as worthless or as if they shouldn’t exist, then we’re likely headed for hell.
  13. 13.The two most important commandments of God are that we love Him with all our hearts and love our neighbor as ourselves.
  14. 14.When we think we’re too good for someone else, we’re too good (in our self-deceived mind) for God who told us to love our neighbor, who is ANY human being, as ourselves.
  15. 15.I’m a different neighbor, but I’m your neighbor, and you’re my neighbor. Guess what God expects us to think about each other?

Terry W. Benton