Injustice In The World

Whether it is Alton Sterling in Louisiana or Philando Castile in Minnesota or five police
officers gunned down in Dallas the week before last, America has been slapped by the
cold, hard hand of injustice.

The Bible has spoken about the existence of injustice since the very beginning. Abel, a
righteous person, lost his life because of an envious brother (Genesis 4:8). Another
righteous man, Naboth, lost his life because a king wanted his land and convinced
“witnesses” to lie (1 Kings 21:13). Jesus, who knew no sin, was taken by villainous men
and executed (Acts 2:23).

I wish that people were not killed unjustly, whether it happens by reason of a split-
second decision or by a cold-hearted, methodical decision. However, the answer is not
retaliation because vengeance will be taken by God (Romans 12:19-21). Pray for our
country and our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-4). Pray that the glorious gospel will have the
chance to change hearts (Romans 1:16).

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