Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart

In my work as a located evangelist, one of the many blessings is getting to know an abundance of brethren and their children. Although, Nila and I, have only two sons, we enjoy the children of other Christians. Within the last sixteen months, a remarkable bundle of joy has come to grace our home from time to time. When she is here, everything revolves around her. Her visits are a joyous occasion at the Young’s house, even when she sleeps over! This precious little house guest is somewhat of a harsh bedfellow. The bed is king-sized and yet, it is still not quit big enough. It is amazing how active a six-teen month-old is even while sleeping. The end result of her sleep-overs is a lack of sleep for us.

We had a little sleep-over again last night. We went to bed at 11:00. At 1:15, I suggest to Nila that she might settle down if her diaper was changed. At 3:00, she and I went to the dining room to share a glass of juice. We retired after some Hawaiian Punch and a conversation with fuzzy bear. This morning we arose to the smiles and giggles of a little visitor.

You may ask why I would want to have someone over who would disturb my sleep. The answer is simple: this little bundle of joy has crawled inside my heart and has set up residence. I cannot bear the thought that she might never come back for a sleep-over. You see, when someone gets in our heart, the crosses we bear to be with them become minor annoyances. There is no doubt that following Jesus is going to place some burdens on the follower. How the follower reacts to those burdens gives us insight as to whether or not they have Jesus in their heart.

When it is more important to rest than to attend Bible class on Wednesday evening, it is a sign that Jesus is not in the heart (Luke 14:26). When it is more important to spend time with the family than to make Sunday evening services, it is a sign that Jesus is not in the heart (Matthew 10:37). When Jesus has set up residence in our heart, our love for Him will cause us to endure any unpleasantness just to have the opportunity to be with Him. No annoyance is so great that it will keep a Christian from his Lord. To serve the Lord when He lives in our heart is joy unspeakable! Do I want more sleep-overs? Yes! It is a joy of the heart that is beyond words. A joy that I plan to take advantage of at every opportunity!

Glen Young