Life, Death, and Judgment

If there is anything certain in this life it is the fact that you will die. In all of recorded history, there are only three individuals who did not die: Enoch (Genesis 5), Elijah (2 Kings 2), and Jesus (Acts 1). Of course, Jesus died, but He overcame death to live again. For the people who are living today, the time of death will quickly come (Psalm 90:10-12; James 4:14).

In comparison to human history, even a person who lives more than 100 years has only been here a very short time. Life is short, and death is certain. All in the past died, and all presently living will die. By the time you finish reading this article about 8,000 people on the earth will have died. We hate death because we cannot master it. We think we can cheat death by living healthier, but we cannot control it. Diseases or accidents bring life to an end quickly. Even if we know we are about to die, we still cannot control it.

Even though all die, something is certain to happen: our judgment. Hebrews 9:27 says, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment …” The scriptures tell us that we will all appear before the judgment seat of God and Christ (Romans 14:10). We will be judged by the words of Christ (John 12:48). We will all be judged by what is written in the books (Revelation 20:12). The Bible will be the standard and our fleshly deeds will be the basis of our judgment. We do not want anyone to be unprepared for judgment.

If you are not prepared, you will be punished in a fiery torment forever (Hebrews 10:27). If you prepare your life before you die to serve the Living God who will judge you, you can spend eternal bliss in heaven.

Kyle Campbell