Living and Dying Churches

Every congregation has its own “personality,” or set of characteristics. These are really prevalent when you talk about churches that are living or dying. Where is your church?

  • Living churches have parking problems; dying churches do not.
  • Living churches are busy with activities; dying churches are quiet as a tomb.
  • Living churches have the habit of often out-spending their income; dying churches take in more money than they ever dream of spending.
  • Living churches are always looking toward the future for ways to serve; dying churches are all too happy to worship in their glorious past.
  • Living churches seem to change so frequently you can forget a lot of names; dying churches are where everyone has known everybody’s name for years.
  • Living churches dream great dreams for the Lord; dying churches are content to relive old nightmares.
  • Living churches will not accept “can’t” in their dictionary; dying churches will not find much else.
  • Living churches evangelize; dying churches fossilize!

Kyle Campbell