Looking Forward to Bible Study

Kids like to go to Bible class. They come into the building and head straight for their classrooms. When they come out they can’t wait to show Mom and Dad what they did. I’ve seen considerable disappointment on some little faces, and at times even tears, when on Sunday evenings they march off to class, only to be told this is not class time.

How about adults? Do we have the same enthusiasm for Bible study? Some do. They always read the text and answer questions ahead of time. Their questions and comments indicate they have been thinking about the text, either forming an opinion or perhaps wondering what something means. Others show less interest. They rarely bring their lesson books, and when they do the book is likely blank. Some are just as likely to be absent as present. They view the worship hour as mandatory but the Bible study hour as optional. When such little value is placed on public study, it would be surprising if much private study takes place.

Psalm 119:148 says, “My eyes anticipate the night watches, that I may meditate on Your word”. The psalmist eagerly awaited nightfall, when “the daily grind” ended and he was free to reflect on God’s word. What do you do with your spare time?

Frank Himmel