Man Needs a Blueprint

Many of the simple actions that we as plain, ordinary folks go through on an everyday basis can often provide profound illustrations for much-needed biblical insight. This isn’t really hard to understand when we stop to think for a moment. After all, it only makes sense that if the same God who inspired the Bible also created man, He would also make those principles found in the Bible so fundamental so as to have an easy, direct application to the lives of each of those created creatures. In fact, God’s biblical principles are so easily applied to our lives, that we often illustrate them even unknowingly. Funny, isn’t it?

One such illustrated principle can be found in man’s need for a blueprint or pattern when he begins to build. No responsible homebuilder would walk out onto a lot and just begin to build with no thought of a master plan. Blueprints must be carefully prepared and followed in order to arrive at the desired end. If the blueprints are faulty or if the builder does not follow them carefully, then the final product will be disappointing and not what was intended by the designer.

When it comes to the realm of religion, we need to apply the same logic. None of us were alive when the church first began to work and worship in the first century. We have no eyewitness videos of what went on. Does this mean it is impossible to duplicate their God-approved and God-ordained work and worship today? Absolutely not! The mere suggestion of such is an insult to the power and integrity of God. The same “blueprints” available to them are available to us. If we build according to the same blueprints, we will build the same thing.

New Testament Christians were called upon to use examples (“blueprints”) as a means of learning (Acts 15:12; Romans 4:12). They were told to follow, observe, and practice the things learned through approved examples: “Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample” (Philippians 3:17; cp. 4:19).

It’s our desire to make the church you find meeting here as similar to the blueprint of the New Testament as possible. We invite you to join with us in an investigation of “the blueprint”. It is our desire to simply do all the things of God as ordained by God.

John A. Smith

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