Mistaken Notions From Death

A few short weeks ago, Lufkin experienced a deep loss: a young man died in a terrible accident. It shocked our community and many people took to social media to discuss the loss. While I don’t want to cause anyone closely associated with the young man any undue grief, there was an idea frequently expressed that deserves comment in the interest of truth and defending the character of God.

God doesn’t “allow a young soul to be taken” in the sense of deciding when people “come home to Him.” The coming of Satan introduced sin into the world and death with it. God does not change the laws of the universe to stop a tragedy (Ecclesiastes 9:11). Everyone in the sin-filled world should turn to the remedy He provided: His Son who introduced the hope of heaven (Hebrews 9:27-28).

In the end, we all need to seriously remember that error does not draw people closer to God. It causes confusion, and in some cases, cements skepticism to the point that someone may never come to God. Seek to know the true God in the face of tragedy, and calm your heart in His comfort.

Kyle Campbell