“My Tank Is Empty”

Years ago before the self-service gas stations came along, we would pull into the service station and say, “Fill it up”. We have sometimes used this expression when referring to our physical strength or energy. We might say, “My tank is empty”, meaning that my energy or strength is low and I need to eat or drink to get my energy back. My tank needs to be filled back up!

Likewise, there are times when we feel spiritually drained. Our spiritual strength or energy is “low” and our tanks needs to be filled back up. The question is how do we accomplish this? When we feel a little drained spiritually, how do we get that energy back? Consider the following suggestions:

  1. Read the Scriptures. In the physical realm, we need food and drink to keep our energy level up. We may not feel like eating or we may be too tired to eat, but we realize that we must eat for our own well-being. In the spiritual realm, when our energy is low, we need spiritual food. We may not feel like eating but we realize it’s for our betterment. Then as we eat of that spiritual food, we are revived, strengthened, and energized (cp. Matthew 4:4).
  2. Pray to God … then pray again … then pray again. Keep repeating this cycle and your energy will return. We will be revived through prayer! As we talk with God on a consistent basis, our spiritual energy will increase (James 5:16). Many times in the day, drop everything and say a prayer. Also, set up specific times each day to pray to God. Create a regular habit of prayer!
  3. Attend a Wednesday night service. Many of us have a full day of activity (work, housework, study, school, etc.) on Wednesday, and as the day ends, it’s time for us to get ready to attend Wednesday night Bible study. We’re tired and don’t really feel like going, but we know that God wants us to, so we go. Once we get there and study the Word with our brethren and worship God in songs and prayers, we feel greatly revived. We realize it’s been good for us to assemble and worship God. Our spiritual energy has greatly increased. If this works for a Wednesday night study, would it not also work for other services like Sunday night, gospel meetings, etc. (cp. Hebrews 10:24-25)?
  4. Spend time with another Christian. Praise be to God that we have one another! It’s so encouraging to be around brethren at each of the services of the local church, a Bible study or singing at a member’s house, or at a social gathering. Whenever I am feeling a little low on “spiritual energy”, it always helps me to have time with my brethren. How could I ever replace this great “source of strength” that’s available to me? I can’t! God’s wisdom is in the relationship that He established for you and I as brothers and sisters in Christ. I know we sometimes disappoint one another but I know that the “positive” encouraging times far outweigh any of the “negative” times. When my spiritual energy needs to be increased, I turn to my brethren and I am thankful to my God for them (cp. Ephesians 4:16). 
  5. Do something for someone. Jesus stated a principle that all of us have experienced and we realize the truth of it: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 10:35). We feel very good whenever we have the ability and the opportunity to help someone. We expect nothing in return. We are thankful that such an opportunity was provided. It’s indeed more blessed to give than to receive. Therefore, if you’re feeling a little low spiritually, do something for someone. Send them a card; cook them a hot meal; take them out to eat; fix their favorite dessert; mow their yard; bring them flowers; give them a Walmart gift card (Cracker Barrel works also). You see, the possibilities are endless (cp. Matthew 25:31-46). 
  6. Don’t keep adding to your plate. Life can be described in a nutshell by one word: “BUSY”. At times we’re drained of nearly all of our spiritual energy because our plate is full and we keep piling more on. We’re so busy with “things” that it’s zapped us of spiritual energy. We need to quit piling more on, to prioritize what we do have, and to give first attention to those things that pertain to our soul before we do other less important things. If we can quit piling more things on top of what already needs to get done, and also learn to put the spiritual things at the top of our “to do” list, this will naturally result in having more energy to accomplish these things. We’ll always feel spiritually drained for as long as we keep “piling it on” and spinning our wheels with so many less important activities. Let’s begin today by asking, “What do I need to get done for God?” Accomplish that and go on from there. Use your time wisely — walk in wisdom. This is a “secret” of having spiritual energy (cp. Ephesians 5:15-17).

Adapted from Perry Hurst

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