Outline Of 1 John

I. The Reality Of Jesus Christ (1:1-4)

II. Conditions For Fellowship (1:5-2:2)

A. Conformity to a standard (1:5-7).
B. Confession of sin (1:8-2:2).

III. Conduct In Fellowship (2:3-27)

A. Imitation of Christ (2:3-11).
B. Separation from the world (2:12-17).
C. Affirmation of their unction (2:18-27).

IV. Characteristics Of Fellowship (2:28-3:24)

A. Purity of life (2:28-3:3).
B. Righteousness and brotherly love (3:4-18).
C. Answer to prayer (3:19-24).

V. Cautions Of Fellowship (4:1-21)

A. False, lying spirits (4:1-6).
B. True, loving spirits (4:7-21).

  1. Brotherly love (4:7-10).
  2. The glorious nature of love (4:11-21).

VI. Consequences Of Fellowship (5:1-21)

A. Love for brethren (5:1-3).
B. Victory over the world (5:4-5).
C. Verification of Christ’s credentials (5:6-12).
D. Assurance of eternal life (5:13).
E. Guidance in prayer (5:14-17).
F. Freedom from a life of sin (5:18-21).