Outline Of 1 Peter

I. Greeting (1:1-2)

II. Suffering Christians Should Remember Their Great Salvation

A. The certainty of their salvation (1:3-12).

  1. It is preserved by the power of God (1:3-5).
  2. It is proven by the trials from God (1:6-9).
  3. It was predicted by the prophets of God (1:10-12).

B. The consequences of their salvation (1:13-2:10).

  1. The preeminence of holiness (1:13-23).
  2. The power of the word (1:24-25).
  3. The priority of the word (2:1-3).
  4. The priesthood of believers (2:4-10).

III. Suffering Christians Should Remember Their Example Before Men

A. Living honorably before unbelievers (2:11-3:7).

  1. Submission in the civic realm (2:11-17).
  2. Submission in the workplace (2:18-25).
  3. Submission in the family (3:1-7).

B. Living honorably before believers (3:8-12).
C. Living honorably in the midst of suffering (3:13-4:6).

  1. The principle of suffering of righteousness (3:13-17).
  2. The paragon of suffering for righteousness (3:18-22).
  3. The purpose of suffering for righteousness (4:1-6).

IV. Suffering Christians Should Remember Their Lord Will Return

A. The responsibilities of Christ living (4:7-11).
B. The reality of Christian suffering (4:12-19).
C. The requirements for Christian leadership (5:1-4).
D. The realization of Christian victory (5:5-11).

V. Conclusion (5:12-14)

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