Personal Evangelism Conclusion

I pray that these articles on personal evangelism have been exhortive and informative. I also pray that we will all take them to heart and strive our very best from this time forward to spread the gospel as we all should. Posts can be written and preaching done about the subject, but you must be the one who will apply that knowledge and act upon it (Luke 11:28).

The true question is not, “Do you have enough knowledge?” but, “Are you using the knowledge you have?” If we imagine we can thrive spiritually or numerically without sharing the gospel with those around us, we are fooling no one but ourselves. Evangelism is as necessary to our own survival as it is to the salvation of other people’s souls. When we sit down and become lethargic in the matter of evangelism, the devil is able to insinuate all kinds of evil things into our midst. If he can keep us inactive in this area, he will have robbed us of many of the blessings of our faith and kept us from being effective in many of the other areas of the Lord’s work.

Too many of us are failing to be personal evangelists, and that failure is costing us dearly. Our shortage of personal evangelism is one of our worst problems. We will either correct it, or we will decay because of it! Satan would like nothing better than for us to be distracted and discouraged in regard to God’s work of rescuing the lost. If he can keep us from that work the devil need do nothing else to hinder us spiritually. We simply cannot allow the devil to have his way. Through our great God, we must abound in the work of communicating the gospel to mankind, knowing that He will provide for us (2 Corinthians 9:8).

Fanny J. Crosby, in her song, “Rescue the Perishing,” penned these words: “Rescue the perishing, duty demands it, strength for thy labor the Lord will provide; back to the narrow way patiently win them, tell the poor wand’rer a Savior has died. Rescue the perishing, care for the dying, Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save.” May these words never leave your mind as you do your Master’s will.

Kyle Campbell

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