Praying For Your Children — From Head To Toe

Pray for their mind. Pray that your children would earnestly seek wisdom and understanding, that they would value knowledge and discernment, and that their thoughts would stay centered on the truth of God’s word (Proverbs 2:1-6; 3:21; James 1:5; Psalm 119:97).

Pray for their eyes. Ask God to guard your children’s eyes and protect their innocence. Pray that they would focus their attention on doing what is right (Romans 16:19; Proverbs 4:25).

Pray for their ears. Pray that your children would be quick to hear and that they would incline their ears to listen to instruction (James 1:19; Isaiah 55:3; Proverbs 8:32-34).

Pray for their mouths. Ask God to keep their tongues from evil and their lips from speaking lies. Pray that all their words would be pleasing to Him and edifying to others (Psalm 34:13; 19:14).

Pray for their heart. Ask God to give your children a happy, cheerful heart. Pray that they would come to faith early, and would trust easily and completely in Him (Proverbs 15:13; Psalm 28:7).

Pray for their hands. Pray that they would be diligent in their work and that their hands would not be idle, but that God would bless, confirm, and establish the work of their hands (Ecclesiastes 9:10; 11:6; Proverbs 10:4-5).

Pray for their legs. Pray that your children would not walk in step with the wicked nor stand in the way of sinners, but that they would find wise and godly companions along life’s journey (Psalm 1:1).

Pray for their feet. Ask God to direct their steps, to help them stand fast and to protect them from stumbling (Psalm 17:5; 37:23-24; 121:3; 119:133).


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