Prerequisites of Successful Evangelism

Every time our gospel meetings occur, there’s tremendous opportunities to lay the ground work for teaching people the gospel. However, being successful at any endeavor means being smart. If someone has a plan of attack, the chances of success are much greater. Successful evangelism depends on several things:

  1. The joy you have in your own heart. If you’re thrilled to be a Christian, you’ll not have trouble convincing lost people of the value of accepting Christ as their Savior and giving their lives in obedience to Him.
  2. The purity in your own life. If your own life is right with God, lost people will listen to what you have to say. If your life is blemished with sin, your discussion about Christ will be weakened.
  3. Your ability to use the Bible. The successful Christian who’s going to convert people has to know his Bible. Without a thorough knowledge of God’s Word, you won’t be able to answer the legitimate questions the unsaved ask to come to a knowledge of truth.
  4. Your willingness to try. You can’t win others to Christ if you don’t make the effort. Talk about Jesus to everyone you meet. Converting others to Christ is one of the greatest joys in life.
  5. Your ability to get a clear commitment. Many people can present the way of salvation to a sinner, but they fail when it comes to getting a definite decision. Deal with people with a sense of urgency. Press for a clear decision for obedience to Christ.

Use the next few weeks to do whatever you can to spread the gospel. One or two individuals can’t pull the entire load. Everyone pulling together can share the same dream to see God’s kingdom grow!

Kyle Campbell