Message: “Unbiblical Statements” from Kyle Campbell

There are many things that Jesus-loving, church-going, Bible-believing Christians believe that are completely unbiblical — and most of them teach the opposite of what the Bible teaches. Let’s take a look at several unbiblical statements that don’t exist in the Scriptures.

Message: “14 The Faith of the Nobleman” from YouTube

A message from the series “The Gospel of John.” The nobleman’s faith was tremendous. And from this interaction with Jesus we learn the valuable lesson that our faith must not only grow but move us to working for the Master!

Message: “Six Questions About Truth” from Kyle Campbell

Pilate asked Jesus about truth in John 18:38. People today ask us about truth. Truth is such a high-level concept that sometimes it’s hard to put into words. Therefore, we’re going to let the apostle John reveal the answers. Six questions about truth will be presented for you to consider in your life!

Message: “Facing Famine in Faith” from Kyle Campbell

The greatest man-made disaster in human history was a famine in relatively recent years. Figuratively speaking, people’s faith may reach a famine point. And of course, the Bible addresses this. Watch as we investigate three passages that reflect on difficult faith circumstances.

Message: “13 True Worship” from YouTube

A message from the series “The Gospel of John.” Jesus spoke of true worship in John 4:23-24. What is meant by this expression? A lot of people pay it no attention — but they should. Watch as Jim explains it!

Message: “4 Ways We Defeat the Gospel” from YouTube

When Jesus ascended to the Father, He left the Spirit to reveal the gospel. This was the most important gift God could’ve left. It’s so tragic that Christians defeat it by the way they think and act. Watch for four ways this can happen!