The 9/11 Anniversary

After thinking a few days about the upcoming anniversary of 9/11, I was wondering if anyone remembers the unity the country had after those devastating attacks so long ago. The country pulled together and there was a more spiritual feeling in the nation. Many signs and banners mentioned God and I remember preachers who stayed at their church buildings that Tuesday evening so they could meet with people who came in and wanted to talk about the terrorist attacks. But it didn’t take long for the mood in the country to go back to pre-9/11 days. The spirituality that many felt wore off, and the worship assemblies that many felt they needed to attend gradually went back to pre-9/11 levels.

The Lord wants us to be zealous servants. Paul wrote, “Not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord” (Romans 12:11). Serving the Lord is not something done when times are difficult; we serve Him when everything in life is going well. There are many fine Old Testament examples of people who served God faithfully through thick and thin: Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Samuel, David, Josiah, Isaiah, Nehemiah, etc. Likewise, there are many fine New Testament examples: Anna, Andrew, Philip, Phoebe, the Samaritan woman, Paul, Barnabas, Peter, etc. Of course, our finest example is Christ (John 4:24-25; 9:4).

If you thought about God and your own mortality all those years ago after 9/11, can you go back to those days? If you would like to know more about how to serve the Lord, including how to become a Christian, please contact us.

Kyle Campbell